Johnny C strokes his hard morning wood

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Johnny woke up real early on our second day there and came into my room and asked if he could take a bath. Of course I wasn’t going to argue about starting off my day with a hot naked boy playing naked in my bathtub. I immediately woke up the crew and gathered up the equipment and filled Johnny’s bath up with warm water. I can still close my eyes and remember watching Johnny dropping his pajama bottoms revealing his morning wood.

Johnny laid back in the bath and explored his body with his hands. His hands made their way down to his tight hairy hole and his fingers explored inside. Johnny stroked his hard cut cock so violently as he bit his lips and moaned. Johnny likes it ruff and he can take it just as well as dish it out. Johnny sat on the back of the tub and flexed his entire body as he worked his cock until he sprayed his chest with cum.

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Drew Collins jacks off

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Slim heart throb Drew Collins gets naked for his horny fans. He whips out the goods, massaging his floppy ball sack and jacking his irresistible erection. Watch as he shoots his load, squirting over his bad boy tattoo!

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Tory strokes his dick at FreshmanX

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Tory is back in this hot outdoor jacking session! He starts off fondling his package under his swimtrunks, then ditches them and gets busy stroking his dick hard! Tory fondles his balls and his tight hole as he jacks off, moaning as he loses himself in the pleasure of his jerking off session! Tory shoots off massive pools of creamy jizz, splattering his pubes and all over his rippled abs!

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Hot jock strokes his boner

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This week, brings you a Buckeye Bonanza with 22 year-old jock named Aaron Mason, whose smooth bod and Midwestern meat will leave you wanting more. Well get your lube ready, cuz here’s a heaping “handful”! Aaron is playing with his basketball while hanging out in his room. He loses interest rather quickly and realizes he’d rather be “palming” something else. He lets his hands start to roam as his shirt comes off.

As he undoes his shorts and his fly comes down, his massive boner springs out, still tenting his bright orange briefs. Aaron is rock hard, and that cock is going to need attention and soon. He teases it through his briefs as it gets rock hard and begins to ache for some skin on skin contact. He spreads his cheeks apart, showing us that straight boy hole that has yet to be defiled. His ass is glistening as the light catches in his light blond body hair. As if this ass show isn’t hot enough, Aaron takes it one step further as he begins to finger and tease that tight ass.

Makes you just wanna dive in tongue first, but wait—there’s more. Aaron then lies back on the couch, still in his jock strap, and finally pulls the damn thing off. His aching cock finally gets some well deserved attention as he starts to massage his hairless meat. It seems Aaron loves everything smooth, and the view is quite amazing. He sits back, spreads those legs again, and starts jacking that meat as he starts to finger that hole. This does the trick, sending Aaron over the edge as he leans forward and pumps his thick batch all over his trusty basketball.

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Donny rubs one out

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Donny was referred to us by one of our models, so when he showed up at the Lake House, we were all a little unsure of what we would find. Donny is one of the most relaxed boys we have had in quite sometime. This Georgia native, is currently a student in So Cali, and with his long curly hair and toned body he really fits the surfer boy image. Being very relaxed and ready to stroke one out, it wasn’t long before he was naked. Standing just 5’9 and about 160 lbs, its was a great surprise to watch his cock rise to a rock hard 8 inches in just a few seconds.

As soon as we got the cameras on, its wasn’t long before Donny was 110% into what he was doing. Donny started slowly rubbing his tight hole while bouncing his big hairy balls. Keeping still was hard for Donny, I think he was more turned on that he wanted to admit.

His lean toned body looked amazing as his cock kept growing and growing, reaching just over 8 inches smooth and shinny. It wasn’t long before his breathing and moans got louder and before anyone knew it he shouted out he was gonna cum, and right then he shoot his thick load all over his tight abs, continuing to stroke out every last drop. This southern boy sure knows how to put on a amazing show!

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Straight boy Tatum jerks off

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Tatum was referred to us by one of our friends that send us models from time to time. Tatum is 100% straight and really quite shy for being as hot as he is. Tatum is 23 years old and originally grew up in California but he has been living in Georgia for the past few years. Tatum has a few tattoos on his amazing smooth body. His olive complexion combined with his black hair and brown eyes, makes this Straight Southern Boy really stand out.

Tatum has been playing soccer since he was just a little boy at age 4. Tatum’s practice and hard work has landed him a spot as a professional soccer player. As soon as he took his shirt off, you could just tell that this straight boy was athletic by his toned defined physique. Man do I wish I could spend some time in the locker room with him and the rest of his soccer team.

Tatum had never done anything like this before but it has always been a fantasy of his. He is a bit shy and it took a bit of coaxing to get him outside of his comfort zone. I think it is about as hot as it gets when you find a hot straight boy that just doesn’t know exactly how hot he really is. Tatum might just takes the top prize in this category.

Once we settle Tatum’s nerves, he finally let himself go. We made him nice and comfortable in the bedroom and turned on a little inspiration for him and told him to just forget that the cameras were there. We were all a bit surprised when Tatum started to let out a moan as he stroked his cock and played with his tight straight boy hole. Tatum finally let out loud gasp as his cock unloaded a huge stream of steamy white cum.

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Doug for Fratmen

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Fratmen Doug

This is Doug. He’s our Arkansas Fratman who loves to show off and be naughty. Took him about half an hour to drop his pants and hop in the shower with Chase.  You can tell that he’s gonna be the GOOD kind of trouble that we like at the pad.

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