Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

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Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

With his carmel colored skin, incredibly handsome face and warm personality you won’t know if you want to snuggle with Sean Zevran or fuck his brains out.  On the surface he’s a little shy, and that large toothy grin makes you think of the whole boy next door thing.  But once he strips down and shows off that beautiful hairy chest of his, running his hands all over his hard pecs and down to his hard throbbing cock, you know this guy means business.

He loves sex in the shower so we started off by shooting him with hot steamy water cascading down his sexy body, just to fuel your fantasies a little more.  He loves sex, and especially loves to be rimmed.  And while his bashfulness might make you think he’s not as daring as you would like, he confessed to us that he’d love noting more than to have some hot steamy sex in the shower at a gym, a place where just anyone could walk in and catch him.  Between his adorable face and hot sexy body, Sean is sure to become a new Randy Blue favorite.

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Hot jock strokes his boner

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This week, brings you a Buckeye Bonanza with 22 year-old jock named Aaron Mason, whose smooth bod and Midwestern meat will leave you wanting more. Well get your lube ready, cuz here’s a heaping “handful”! Aaron is playing with his basketball while hanging out in his room. He loses interest rather quickly and realizes he’d rather be “palming” something else. He lets his hands start to roam as his shirt comes off.

As he undoes his shorts and his fly comes down, his massive boner springs out, still tenting his bright orange briefs. Aaron is rock hard, and that cock is going to need attention and soon. He teases it through his briefs as it gets rock hard and begins to ache for some skin on skin contact. He spreads his cheeks apart, showing us that straight boy hole that has yet to be defiled. His ass is glistening as the light catches in his light blond body hair. As if this ass show isn’t hot enough, Aaron takes it one step further as he begins to finger and tease that tight ass.

Makes you just wanna dive in tongue first, but wait—there’s more. Aaron then lies back on the couch, still in his jock strap, and finally pulls the damn thing off. His aching cock finally gets some well deserved attention as he starts to massage his hairless meat. It seems Aaron loves everything smooth, and the view is quite amazing. He sits back, spreads those legs again, and starts jacking that meat as he starts to finger that hole. This does the trick, sending Aaron over the edge as he leans forward and pumps his thick batch all over his trusty basketball.

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