Muscle guys bareback fuck – Dane slams Pierce hard!

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Dane barebacks Pierce

Even though gorgeous Pierce is an ex-Marine, this guy has really come out of his shell since he first appeared on the Sean Cody site stroking the cum from his weapon (sorry, I had to get a least one military pun in there!)

He was actually bisexual back in the service of his country, and a couple of guys knew it too – I know what you’re thinking, I want to know all about that too!

So since he arrived he’s been in a lot of videos, and I totally get why. This dude is hot as hell, and watching muscle guys bareback fuck like he does is always an intense turn on!

Watch the full bareback scene at Sean Cody

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Patrick Kennedy fucks Max Martin

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Phoenixxx mega site

Patrick Kennedy is dismayed to find out he hasn’t hooked up with his neighbor Max Martin, despite the married man being a bi-swinger! Well, after a bit of kissing and sucking, Max has his legs in the air, spreading his hole for Patrick’s big cock. Patrick is all too happy to break in a fresh ass! Max ends up cumming all over his stomach while being fucked before getting sprayed with Patrick’s load.

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Lucas sucks a straight NY macho

January 27, 2011 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Lucas sucks a straight NY macho 

Meet Tim! He hails from Staten Island and is an electrician by trade. Tim is your typical blue collar, thick accented, straight macho New Yorker! We kind of think he looks a little like ” Ricky D” from this site and also he bares a slight resemblance to a younger Woody Harrelson.

Tim is a “face sitter”. He loves sitting on a face and loves feeling a warm wet tongue on his asshole. Naturally he prefers a girl’s smooth feeling face between his ass cheeks, but getting rimmed by a guy will work for him, too.

So Lucas went to work on Tim, sucking his cock and eating out his ass. He gave Tim that much needed “round the world service” he came to us for. When Tim wants to cum, he loves standing up and getting blown. He told us that his load usually goes in the sucker’s mouth or as a facial. This time around Tim’s sperm went all over Lucas’ face! Tim was proud of his load and so were we!

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Hot guy with glasses jerks off

November 16, 2010 · Posted in Southern Strokes · Comments Off on Hot guy with glasses jerks off 

Jason is certainly not a shy boy when it comes to his sexual pleasures. He isn’t a stranger to taking his clothes off for the cameras either. I really liked the pictures that Jason had sent us with his model application but I wasn’t prepared for how hot he was going to be standing in front of me. Jason has a gorgeous face, toned body, hot cock and an amazing ass; everything you would want in a fuck buddy. As hot as Jason’s face and body is, Jason’s biggest attribute just might be his playful personality. Jason is definitely smart and he loves to let loose and enjoy sex.

He is always up for pretty much anything and everything. When Jason showed up I immediately took a liking to him. I am not real sure exactly what it is but there is something about Jason that just makes him incredibly sexy. He is 24 but he has this naturally smooth boyish skin that makes you just want to run your tongue up and down every inch of his body. He really knows how to turn on the charm too. Jason took off his clothes pretty quickly and started to stroke his hard cock. He bent over and gave us a nice long show of his tight hole. I could watch him pucker his ass up all day. Jason works his cock over with long hard strokes that just look so erotic. I was so happy when Jason finally exploded all over his stomach because I couldn’t take much more.

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Introducing a new Cocksucker

October 22, 2010 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Introducing a new Cocksucker 

Mark got laid off from his job and needed to make rent, so he asked us for a loan. We said we would not be happy help him out but he would have to “work” for it. He knew what that meant, so after thinking about it he agreed. He was going to suck cock and then some!

We told Aaron we had a newbie cocksucker that needed to be broken in, without hesitation he offered his cock to be the first one sucked. However, Aaron wanted some more that just a bj, he wanted to break Mark in thoroughly… That included foot service and a rim job along with the blowjob. Mark did everything according to Aaron’s specification, Mark knew who was boss. He also knew he did a great job when Aaron blew a HUGE load all over!

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Jon and Leon fucking for Cash

August 3, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Jon and Leon fucking for Cash 

Today at Broke Straight Boys, we bring back John and Leon. They have both been in an oral scene together and I figure it was time for them to do anal. I was hoping that John would be the one to bottom in this scene and I did make him an offer but he wanted to try topping first, so once again, Leon was bottoming.

While John doesn’t like doing oral, that much was obvious from his struggles in his last shoot, he’s a model who will do his best once he’s committed to something. It’s always good to see models breakout of their comfort zone, especially someone as fresh as John, and it’s even better when they are able to keep an open mind about what goes on in the studios at BSB. With the money decided, $800 for John and $1000 for Leon, it was time for the boys to start getting ready.


Broke straight boy threesome

July 12, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Broke straight boy threesome 

This time around Dylan wanted to experience a 3some for the first time ever! As you remember, Dylan is a member and a fan of the site and he wanted to pay the models to have sex with him and he’s a virgin. This time he chose Kevin again and he wanted to meet and do it with Diesel. Dylan offered Kevin and Diesel $500 each to fuck him silly and I matched what Dylan was offering the boys giving them each $1000.

Each boy agreed and they made Dylan suck therircocks at first, Dylan really loves sucking cock and he was a bit taken back and amazed of the size of Diesels large cock. Dylan knew at that point he was going to be challenged with Diesels big cock and had a bit of concerned about having that enormous cock in his tight virgin ass. The boys out of instinct knew to have Kevin fuck Dylan first to get him ready for Diesel.

The boys open the futon and get ready to take advantage of Dylan’s ass. First up is Kevin, watch as Kevin places on his lubed condom and slowly inserts his cock into Dylan’s ass, although this is Dylan’s 2nd time getting fucked, he was still very tight ass but thanks to Kevin’s skillful fucking techniques he took it slow at first then started to fuck Dylan really hard. In the meantime, Dylan was sucking on Diesels cock getting it ready so it’s nice and hard so Diesel can fuck Dylan.

After Kevin was finished, Diesel wanted to take a turn and with no mercy, fucked Dylan really hard changing him in different positions and taking advantage of his virgin tight ASS. Dylan wanted to be fucked hard, and he certainly got what he asked for. This is a really hot scene that shouldn’t be missed!


Shawn and Braden

May 17, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Shawn and Braden 

I placed both Shawn and Brenden together. This was the first time Braden was in a situation with another guy. Off camera both Shawn and Braden got along really well. They both had things in common and Shawn was telling Braden about his first experience and how he couldn’t film. Shawn was really cool giving Braden some pointers and tips about filming his first oral scene.

When it was time for Braden to film, he kept on insisting he was straight and he would remind us often. I basically told him we don’t judge and care about his sexuality at this point…just make sure his cock stays hard and enjoys the time on the futon. With my mini-pep talk over…the boys enter the set and the fun begins.

Both boys look really hot together…I had Shawn suck Braden’s cock first to see his reaction and Shawn sucked his cock like a pro…at first Braden was not feeling it and it was kind of weird for him…but I told him close his eyes and think of a girl is sucking his dick and watch the porn playing in the back ground. After a few moments… Braden got into it and really started to feel the pleasure of a hot moist mouth sucking on his throbbing cock. Continue…


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