Bridge Layne jerks off and shoots a load

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Bridge Layne jerks off

Bridge Layne takes a break from working on the farm.  It’s been a long day of doing chores and he needs a break.  Sitting under a tree in the warm summer sun he takes off his shirt to beat the heat.  With his 6 foot tall frame and lightly hairy chest this guy would be at home in any downtown watering hole yet he finds the peace and quiet he needs right here on the farm.

With the light breeze caressing his thin frame he grabs ahold of his cock and starts stroking.  Even though there’s nobody around for miles the fact that a stray hiker or passing motorist might catch a glimpse of his naked body makes his cock stand up at attention.

He plays with his nipples letting one of a thousand erotic fantasies play out in his head.  He reaches around and teases his virgin hole with a finger.  He imagines what a nice thick cock would feel like invading his most sacred of spaces while he lets a finger slip inside for just a moment.

Later, he wanders through the grassy yard looking for a good sunny place to bring himself to climax.  He works his cock past the point of no return and lets a huge stream of jizz splash onto his tight stomach, rests for just a moment, then he’s ready to get back to his chores.

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Hal jerks off for Sean Cody

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Sean Cody

Hal was the scrawny tall guy in school that did not get a lot of attention — at least that is what he said. He has gone through a transformation recently… a “bulking up stage” as he called it. “So this is your definition of bulking up?” I asked as he took his clothes off. “You look pretty cut for being in the ‘bulking up’ stage.”

“Well, naturally I am very skinny,” he said. “I weighed 130 pounds when I first graduated and now I’m at 175. I think that is pretty bulk.” “Whoa! How tall are you?” “I’m 5’11…” “…And you weighed 130 pounds?” I asked in disbelief. “On a good day. Honestly. I was a scrawny little kid.”

That’s pretty surprising, but he looks great now! He has crystal blue eyes, full lips, a solid chest with perfect nipples, a perfect meaty butt, balls that would hang nicely into any mouth, and a big cock!

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Bryan Pace for Randy Blue

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Have you ever had sex on a golf course?  Our newest model at Randy Blue can tell you all about it because it’s one of his favorite things to do.  There’s just something about balls and holes that bring out his exhibitionist qualities, causing him to peel off his tight jeans and sexy shirt and bang his partner of choice on every tee.

He’s got dreamy blue eyes and a handsome face.  And when you first get a look at his hairy chest you’ll wish you had a set of clubs handy because all you’ll want to do is get naked with this horny college jock.  His charm is disarming and you’d never guess that he’s got a dirty side but it becomes evident when he’s jerking his perfectly shaped cock.

He doesn’t just stroke but he works over every inch, his steel blue eyes gazing intently on it like a snake charmer working his prey.  He doesn’t just ram a Fleshjack down on his stiff rod, he bucks his hips as if he’s fucking it like it’s alive and can feel pleasure.  Then he flips it over and fucks it like crazy just so you can get a good look at his ass.

And he’s got this hot little birthmark right by his hole.  He’s going to make an excellent bottom.  And when he cums, he doesn’t shoot or dribble, he lets out a slow steady stream of hot jizz that cascades down his cock like hot lava from a volcano.

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Damien shows off and jerks off

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Damian is working at a local gym as a personal trainer so he spends quite a bit of time there. And his hard abs are the result! The story that was told to us is that he wasn’t at all shy about being naked and couldn’t wait to stroke off in front of the camera. He claims that he is straight but he told us that…”I often stay a long time in the showers so that the others can watch me and I can watch them. It is very sexy and I enjoy it.”

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Hunter Degan busts a nut

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Hunter Degan was referred to us by a friend we worked with not too long ago, and we were really excited to see him in action. Hunter is eager to please, hard as a rock, and loves attention and showing off! Hunter strokes his dick with long slow strokes, and he pays alot of attention to his head, rubbing the pre-cum around as he starts to breathe heavily.

Hunter has no problem bending over to give us a view of one of the most incredible pink holes we have seen in a while. Finally, he flips on his back and works it up into, as he told us later, what is one of the biggest cum explosions he has ever had. He must really get off on being filmed, which is a great thing for all of us!

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Ben Moore busts a nut

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Ben is the latest hottie at CollegeDudes247, and we were so happy to get this stud out of his clothes and stroking his nice long cock! Ben has classic good looks, amazing upper body, nice abs, and a sexual appetite that will not slow down. All this makes for a great jerk-off vid. Ben was really nervous before we started filming but actually almost came 3 different times during the shoot. It is really hot to see a muscluar 21-yr old so excited about beating his meat. We know you will get off right along with Ben.

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Aaron returns to Southern Strokes

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We first met Aaron jogging through the park as I was walking my dog Jackson. Before I knew it, there he was at the Lake House showing off his rock hard body. Aaron did such a great job in his first visit with us that we couldn’t wait to get him back. We had to wait for spring break but he finally was able to break away from his studies to give us another show.

I didn’t think it was possible for Aaron’s body to get any better, but I was wrong. Standing 5’8” with a 28” waist just makes his chest and biceps look even bigger. I could honestly see myself washing my clothes on his abs. It is hard to imagine that a guy with this hot of a body can also be so smart. In fact Aaron has it all.

This time around, Aaron was even more comfortable being naked in front of the cameras. Aaron loved his pocket pussy so much the first time around that we made sure that we had another one for him to shred his second time around. He was fucking this portable pussy so hard that I thought it was going to rip in half.

This time around Aaron really works up a sweat. He attacked his hard cock like he was pushing himself through a hard workout. He had obviously been saving up for the shoot because he was rock hard the entire time. Watching Aaron’s body drenched in sweat as he shoots his creamy white cum all over his six pack abs is a site I won’t soon forget.

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Ace busts a nut

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College Dudes 247

We were so looking forward to watching Ace pull out his 9.5 incher and whack off that we almost forgot to turn the cameras on! Ace is sex-on-wheels, and getting him on video pleasuring himself was simply amazing. We know you are going to love watching Ace, too!

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