Logan Vaughn and Rich Kelly fuck each other

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Logan Vaughn and Rich Kelly

The scene opens with both guys embraced in a deep passionate kiss and some hot frottage play as we can see Rich Kelly’s cock straining to be set free from his white briefs. After removing Logan Vaughn’s jeans, Rich begins sucking Logan’s cock through his tighty whities. He expertly sucks Logan’s cock and shows off his deep throating skills too before he feeds Logan his own throbbing cock.

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Horny firemen douse their fire with a raw flip-flop fuck

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Xander and Kevin suck and fuck each other at Staxus

It’s a well known fact that guys like firemen aren’t allowed to drink or smoke (oh, the irony!) on duty, which is understandable enough; but whether that ban extends to having sex with work colleagues is anyone’s guess. Either way, it’s clearly not an issue that seems to bother either pretty boys Kevin Ateah or Xander Hollis, who have barely caught their breath from escaping a smoldering building when they’re busily hitting it off together for a full-on session of indulgent cock-sucking and ass-rimming!

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Connor and Reed flip flop

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straight guys fucking at Circle Jerk Boys

Connor Maguire comes home to CircleJerkBoys.com after way too long and he’s looking better than ever. Joinging him today is Alabama cuite Reed Royce. Connor and Reed are spent on the couch. Connor tells Reed that he’s all bloated as he notices Reed’s abs still seem hard. He moves his hands over Reed’s abs and south to his crotch. He realizes Reed’s hard somewhere else too. They start to kiss as they slowly begin to undress each other.

They rub their boners together as they continue to make out. Connor’s curiosity gets the better of him as he drops to his knees to get a taste of Alabama. Reed groans as he gets that cock worked. He is rock hard as Connor savors every thick inch. After working Reed’s meat for a while he wants some attention on his own cock and stands to let Reed return the favor.

After a bit, Connor’s finger finds Reed’s smooth ass and he slips it inside. Reed’s legs are in the air as Connor starts to finger his tight ass. Connor needs more as he slides south; gets Reed’s thick legs up in the air and dives into that sweet ass tongue first. Legs in the air and a spit lubed ass give way to Connor’s dick as he slowly slides it inside. “That’s a big cock” Reed grunts as Connor continues to bury his meat.

Once inside he picks up the pace fucking that ass deep. Reed slams his dick up into that hot hole as his balls slap away at that ass. That does the trick as Connor’s cock hits his sweet spot sending wave after wave of thick load all over Connor’s chest and abs. Connor is next as he too unloads all over his cum covered self. There’s a whole lot of cum everywhere!

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Teo and Zane flip-flop

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Once again, Zane’s massiveness takes his partner a back. I had warned Teo that Zane is a big guy, and when he got next to him on the bed, he just started laughing. But unlike Ransom, he got over it quickly and took over the situation.

I love watching Teo blow Zane till he’s all hard, and then Zane turns the table and wakes Teo’s dick up. I was super happy, because both boys wanted to flip-flop. This was Zane’s first real effort to enjoy the feeling, and between position changes, he thought maybe it would make him nut.

Both of them struggle to not nut in this video. In fact, look for Teo slowing down while he fucks Zane. He’s trying his best not to cum! I of course had no idea what was happening, and likely would have let him blow his load in Zane, but I just thought he had run out of steam.

So after a bit back-and-forth ass-pounding, Zane gets doggie style, and moments after Teo gets it in, Zane is telling me he is gonna nut. You can hear me scrambling around as his arm came down and blocked the cock shot I had setup. I barely make it.

Teo bust his load all over Zane’s ass, rubbing the cum all over the place with his cock!

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Kai fucks Rich

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English Lads

Little Rich is new to modelling and so we put him in the experienced hands of Kai who can’t wait to get on… Kai is soon tugging down Rich’s trackies, his cock is soft and Kai tugs on his foreskin and his mouth is soon full of rock solid meat.

Kai fucks Rich

Rich then tries being all dominant and tries to suck Kai and soon realises Kai’s cock is very thick! There is loads of great oral though topped by the fucking, Kai sliding his big meat up Little Rich’s small hole and pounds him in a dozens of positions, the lads then flip flop and Kai shoot while Rich fucks his ass.

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