Trey Turner pounds Chris Daniels and cums over his face

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Trey Turner fucks Chris Daniels

This week on Men Over 30, we have Florida boy Trey Turner back with us. This 24 year old fan favorite is doing the honors of entertaining a hot ginger number that goes by the name of Chris Daniels. These two started without us as they kiss and let their hands start to wander. No question on chemistry here. Chris’ hand runs up Trey’s thigh ’til he finds the hard cock he’s in for.

Trey stands and peels off his tee to give Chris something to work on as he licks Trey’s chest and nips before heading south to start giving that hard cock a lot of the same. Trey moans as his hard cock disappears down Chris’ throat as Chris does what he enjoys most. Chris easily tames that big dick sliding it completely down his throat. He’s obviously done this before. (…an awful lot!)

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Cody Cummings shares his muscle cock with Anthony Romero

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Shadow Kiss

I remember when Anthony Romero first started out in gay porn. You could tell he wasn’t used to the taste of cock or sharing his own with another guy, but my… how things change!

I’m guessing he’s realized after the videos he’s appeared in that the dick actually tastes pretty good, and the feel of another guy’s prick in your hand or his shaft sliding into your ass is actually not as much of a turn off as he might have once thought! lol

He’s back in front of the cameras again, and this time he’s appearing alongside one of the true stars of hardcore gay porn – Cody Cummings!

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Skylar services Brayden James at Dirty Boy Video

February 10, 2012 · Posted in Dirty Boy Video · Comments Off on Skylar services Brayden James at Dirty Boy Video 

Skylar services Brayden James

Sometimes I really don’t need an ass to slide my cock into to get off, or even have a dude slamming my hole either. I’m a real cock lover, everything about a boys dick gets me so horny. I once shot my load without even having my cock touched while I swallowed a dudes shaft and gulped down his cum.

And if that boy was the gorgeous lad Brayden James I wouldn’t hesitate to service his tight ass and delicious cock! Skylar has been busy at the local Occupy protest in Oakland, but even passionately principled boys like him need to take a break from all that for a while now and then to feast on some cock and get a boys cum shot!

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Myles takes double jock cock in his little ass

February 1, 2012 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Myles takes double jock cock in his little ass 

Myles takes jock cocks

I guess there are a few jock cock porn sites out there these days, and I’m a pretty big fan of several of them. But no other site does the gay jock cock action like Fraternity X does in my opinion.

Although this site really only kicked off properly last year, it’s really become one of the hottest places to check out if you’re into watching some really hot and horny college guys sharing their dicks and shooting their loads over each other. And if you’re a fan of the messy cum shots like I am, it’s a great site that really focuses on the sticky endings!

This video has to be one of those every fan of young jock cock action is gonna love! Especially if you’re into cock orgy action as much as I am.

Young lad Myles is the noob arriving in the frat house for an initiation ceremony, the kind of ceremony only these boys can deliver. He was picked up by Anthony after he was kinda caught out checking out some guys ass, and Anthony knew right away that this boy would be a great fuck.

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Paul fucks Grayson at Sean Cody

December 29, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Paul fucks Grayson at Sean Cody 

Paul fucks Grayson

It was a battle of the comedians! Grayson and Paul both admit to being class clowns when they were in school. So, when they met up it was apparent that they wanted to outdo each other! I kind of think that Grayson might have won. He was literally bouncing off the walls! Of course, there were some serious moments.

The two of them were sitting on the sofa talking about what they wanted to do that day. “I was just seeing if there’s anything you haven’t gotten in a while,” Paul said. “Well, I haven’t been fucked in a while,” Grayson said. “And no one has ever licked my ear!” “I could do that for you today.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Grayson replied. “That actually turns me on.” Now, Paul gets pretty intense when he fucks. And so does Grayson. He kept telling Paul: “Fuck me harder!” I think Grayson might have won there, too!

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Patrick Kennedy fucks Max Martin

December 7, 2011 · Posted in Phoenixxx, trial membership · Comments Off on Patrick Kennedy fucks Max Martin 

Phoenixxx mega site

Patrick Kennedy is dismayed to find out he hasn’t hooked up with his neighbor Max Martin, despite the married man being a bi-swinger! Well, after a bit of kissing and sucking, Max has his legs in the air, spreading his hole for Patrick’s big cock. Patrick is all too happy to break in a fresh ass! Max ends up cumming all over his stomach while being fucked before getting sprayed with Patrick’s load.

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Roman Todd and Travis James flip fuck

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Roman Todd and Travis James

Roman Todd and Travis James have been passing each other up in the office lately, and a lot of the staff has been noticing the looks they’ve been giving each other. That’s usually all it takes for us to grab our cameras, toss two guys in a room, and let them get it on.

They started making out like they were boyfriends who hadn’t seen each other in a while. It was so hot. Then Roman went down on Travis, taking all of his huge cock deep into his throat. Roman has become quite a talented cocksucker and brought Travis to the brink a few times. But Travis was all about the ass.

He gave Roman such a rimjob that he was practically begging to get his ass fucked. And Travis gave it to him good. But Travis loves it both ways so he made sure Roman gave him a good ass fucking too. Both of them shooting huge ropes of cum all over Travis’ smooth chest and chiseled abs and then making out while still stewing in their own juices.

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Occupy My Throat!

November 28, 2011 · Posted in Dirty Boy Video · Comments Off on Occupy My Throat! 

Dirty Boy Video

Police can ban the erection of tents at Occupy Wall Street, but they can’t keep us from pitching a tent in our pants!

Branden and Skylar take a break from the rally in Oakland to occupy each other with their cocks! It’s a challenge to exercise the right to free speech with your mouth full, but these horny boys are up to the challenge! It’s great to see hot, idealistic young men cum together for a cause!

Watch this controversial video here

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