Teo and Zane flip-flop

March 22, 2009 · Posted in Chaosmen 

Once again, Zane’s massiveness takes his partner a back. I had warned Teo that Zane is a big guy, and when he got next to him on the bed, he just started laughing. But unlike Ransom, he got over it quickly and took over the situation.

I love watching Teo blow Zane till he’s all hard, and then Zane turns the table and wakes Teo’s dick up. I was super happy, because both boys wanted to flip-flop. This was Zane’s first real effort to enjoy the feeling, and between position changes, he thought maybe it would make him nut.

Both of them struggle to not nut in this video. In fact, look for Teo slowing down while he fucks Zane. He’s trying his best not to cum! I of course had no idea what was happening, and likely would have let him blow his load in Zane, but I just thought he had run out of steam.

So after a bit back-and-forth ass-pounding, Zane gets doggie style, and moments after Teo gets it in, Zane is telling me he is gonna nut. You can hear me scrambling around as his arm came down and blocked the cock shot I had setup. I barely make it.

Teo bust his load all over Zane’s ass, rubbing the cum all over the place with his cock!

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