Connor and Reed flip flop

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Connor Maguire comes home to after way too long and he’s looking better than ever. Joinging him today is Alabama cuite Reed Royce. Connor and Reed are spent on the couch. Connor tells Reed that he’s all bloated as he notices Reed’s abs still seem hard. He moves his hands over Reed’s abs and south to his crotch. He realizes Reed’s hard somewhere else too. They start to kiss as they slowly begin to undress each other.

They rub their boners together as they continue to make out. Connor’s curiosity gets the better of him as he drops to his knees to get a taste of Alabama. Reed groans as he gets that cock worked. He is rock hard as Connor savors every thick inch. After working Reed’s meat for a while he wants some attention on his own cock and stands to let Reed return the favor.

After a bit, Connor’s finger finds Reed’s smooth ass and he slips it inside. Reed’s legs are in the air as Connor starts to finger his tight ass. Connor needs more as he slides south; gets Reed’s thick legs up in the air and dives into that sweet ass tongue first. Legs in the air and a spit lubed ass give way to Connor’s dick as he slowly slides it inside. “That’s a big cock” Reed grunts as Connor continues to bury his meat.

Once inside he picks up the pace fucking that ass deep. Reed slams his dick up into that hot hole as his balls slap away at that ass. That does the trick as Connor’s cock hits his sweet spot sending wave after wave of thick load all over Connor’s chest and abs. Connor is next as he too unloads all over his cum covered self. There’s a whole lot of cum everywhere!

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Island Studs Darren and Brian are back

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Hot Island Studs jerking off

Big Dick Darren, the sexy Waikiki lifeguard, and Horse-Hung Brian, our cute surfer / skater college boy, are back jerking off together! Watching these two young straight Island Studs with their massive boy cocks is so sexy! This is the very first time Darren has jerked off with a buddy! His girlfriend was all for it – his first male bonding experience. We love encouraging girlfriends!

After some nude work in the garden, Darren washes down Brian’s sexy tan body with the garden hose. What a sight to see the boys washing each other! Check
out their pissing competition! One of the lads, we discover, becomes piss shy in front of his jerk off buddy! LOL! But the best footage of these two young big dicked boys is of them jerking off together. Check out their balls – both have giant nut sacks!

Despite their playful demeanor outside in the garden, the tension builds as they get close to busting a nut together! Also, there are some great intimate moments here! You will not believe the massive load of milk Darren and Brian release! It’s a flood of boy juice!

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Straight college guys go gay

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I love, because the guys in their videos are real students. The guys get rewarded with 10.000 dollars for sending in their private sex videos and we get to see very original porn movies.

Here’s what DickDorm says about one of their latest episodes, called “Good Times”: These guys sure know how to party. Who ever said three’s a crowd in a negative way must not have had this in mind. Cause three seems to be the perfect fit. These wild college guys take dorm room threesomes to a whole new level.

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Broke straight boys fucking

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Shane and Cameron came into the studio today to take things to a whole new level. Their previous oral scene together was as hot as hell and I knew that their anal scene today, was going to be even better. From the moment Shane and Cameron sat down together on the futon, the atmosphere was comfortable and friendly, having already worked out they were going to do things. Shane had decided that he was going to top while Cameron was going to be getting his cherry popped. For his first time, Cameron was going to get $1500 while Shane would get $1000.

Both boys were ready to go, forgoing the usual porn video, and instead, they started stripping off and even helping each other undress. Cameron admitted he was nervous about what was going to happen but I reassured him that Shane was a really good person. Shane and Cameron leant in towards each other and immediately started to kiss, both guys stroking the other’s cock as they put some tongue into the kissing.

With the futon opened up, the boys quickly positioned themselves into a 69, Cameron getting Shane hard within only a minute while Shane worked on Cameron’s dick. Cameron had Shane moaning for more, especially when he deep throated Shane’s big cock. They flipped around so that Cameron was on all fours, leaning over Shane and sucking his dick while Shane was laying on his back and swallowing Cameron’s cock.  Read more…

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Straight guys go gay

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This is some hot shit. Simple enough. The boys invite some girls they had met on the beach to hang out, but the girls bring some friends, that dont really jive with the other boys. The guys, having been super horny aren’t thrilled that these other guys are along, but something is amiss.

Oh yes, these boys are gay. One of the girls is apparently turned on by guys messing around with each other, so she convinces this poor straight kid, after lots of booze and teasing, that she would let him do anything to her, only if he fools around with one of her gay friends.

Apparently in order for anyone to get anything, the girls gay friends have to get it on first. This scene unfolds with just enough dick sucking and virgin asshole fucking. But thats not all… wait till you see what this sneaky bitch has going on at the end… enough to make any straight guy gay for life.

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Dakota and Levi are back for bareback fun

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Dakota and Levi

The day after Dakota and Levi did their shoot, Dakota called me up and said Levi would be willing to get fucked. I had to think about it, as Levi was kind of nervous the first time, and I wasn’t sure if the audience would be willing to see the same two guys together, but with their roles reversed.

I’m happy to say though, that this video is ten times better. It’s still a condom free video and I will be danged if Levi didn’t totally get in to being fucked.


The two have the strangest relationship. They work and live together, and both have girlfriends, but they don’t seem to mind fucking each other and it’s cool to see them be patient and support each other during the shoot. It’s like they are a couple but not really.

It makes me wonder if they will come to their senses and realize one day that they got “a thing” goin on between them.

Anyway, it’s a hot video with some great raw fucking. Check out our friends over at Chaosmen to see the full length movie. 


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