Joey Hard blows Cody Cummings’ big hard cock

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Cody Cummings and Joey Hard Around the shoot house, Cody Cummings is known to often keep to himself. He does, however, keep a tight-knit circle of trusted companions. Among these individuals is the sexy, boyishly handsome Joey Hard. Cody enjoys Joey’s fun-loving zest for life. When Cody and Joey are hanging out, there’s seldom a dull moment.

These two are definitely good pals. And if you’re familiar with Cody’s style, you know scenes come out especially tight and particularly hot when he’s working with someone he knows well and trusts. This time, Cody’s sharing a couch with Joey as they both stretch out on the couch to enjoy an adult DVD together. When Cody pulls out his cock, Joey quickly follows suit, pulling out his own juicy piece.

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Cody Cummings shares his muscle cock with Anthony Romero

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Shadow Kiss

I remember when Anthony Romero first started out in gay porn. You could tell he wasn’t used to the taste of cock or sharing his own with another guy, but my… how things change!

I’m guessing he’s realized after the videos he’s appeared in that the dick actually tastes pretty good, and the feel of another guy’s prick in your hand or his shaft sliding into your ass is actually not as much of a turn off as he might have once thought! lol

He’s back in front of the cameras again, and this time he’s appearing alongside one of the true stars of hardcore gay porn – Cody Cummings!

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Max sucks Cody Cummings

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Max Morgan sucks Cody Cumming's big cock

It has been a while since we last blogged about our favorite bi-sexual porn star, Cody Cummings. In his latest video, well hung Cody feeds Max Morgan his thick cock by the poolside. Max Morgan is always hungry for cock and he does a great job servicing Cody. He works that cock like it’s the last cock he will ever taste. Good boy, here’s a reward for you; a huge load of Cody Cum!

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Horny professor Cody Cummings

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As an adjunct professor, life can be stressful.  Whiny college kids, papers to grade, and pointless staff meetings take their toll.  When Professor Cody Cummings fills in for another instructor, he finds himself needing an outlet to release the extra pressure. After a hectic day in the classroom, he decides to pull a magazine from his secret stash and stroke his big cock to blow off some steam.

Watch him jerk his firm boner as he recalls some of the more attractive students he encountered during the day.  He’s slapping his meat hard on the teacher’s desk and rubbing his hole.  But Professor Cummings has to maintain a level of professionalism.  That’s why he’s arranged for a quick, efficient clean up, just in time to gather his thoughts for his next lecture.  After this you’ll be hot for teacher!

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New Cody Cummings pictures

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Cody Cummings, the bisexual stud who operates his own pornsite has released some great pictures from a new photoshoot. The well hung stud starts in the bathroom getting himself really wet and finish things off in the bedroom. He strokes his big cock till he explodes and cum splatters around!

For those of you who want more photos and videos of Cody, please visit his website !

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