Straight hunk Stu gets his cock sucked by Aiden

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Aiden services Stu

I am really, really excited that Stu is back! He’s just so adorable from head to toe, with a great muscular body, nice hairy legs, and a beautiful ass. I wanted to make sure that his cock got a good working over. He seemed excited about it and for a newbie he wasn’t nervous at all.

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Coner sucks his own cock while fingering his hole

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Coner sucks his own dick

Coner is one of the most adorable models I’ve ever worked with. He had this shyness that worked perfectly with his personality and you could tell he was just excited to be there. “Are you getting hard?” I asked. We noticed that before we even started filming he was rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Yeah,” he said shyly. “I think it’s the idea of the cameras that’s turning me on. Is that normal?” There was just something about his eyes and his subtle smile that led me to believe he’s a bit mischievous. “So are you a big flirt?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “I don’t mean to be,” he replied. “It just kinda happens.”

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Muscle guys bareback fuck – Dane slams Pierce hard!

August 13, 2012 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Muscle guys bareback fuck – Dane slams Pierce hard! 

Dane barebacks Pierce

Even though gorgeous Pierce is an ex-Marine, this guy has really come out of his shell since he first appeared on the Sean Cody site stroking the cum from his weapon (sorry, I had to get a least one military pun in there!)

He was actually bisexual back in the service of his country, and a couple of guys knew it too – I know what you’re thinking, I want to know all about that too!

So since he arrived he’s been in a lot of videos, and I totally get why. This dude is hot as hell, and watching muscle guys bareback fuck like he does is always an intense turn on!

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Paul fucks Grayson at Sean Cody

December 29, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Paul fucks Grayson at Sean Cody 

Paul fucks Grayson

It was a battle of the comedians! Grayson and Paul both admit to being class clowns when they were in school. So, when they met up it was apparent that they wanted to outdo each other! I kind of think that Grayson might have won. He was literally bouncing off the walls! Of course, there were some serious moments.

The two of them were sitting on the sofa talking about what they wanted to do that day. “I was just seeing if there’s anything you haven’t gotten in a while,” Paul said. “Well, I haven’t been fucked in a while,” Grayson said. “And no one has ever licked my ear!” “I could do that for you today.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Grayson replied. “That actually turns me on.” Now, Paul gets pretty intense when he fucks. And so does Grayson. He kept telling Paul: “Fuck me harder!” I think Grayson might have won there, too!

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Brandon fucks Jeffrey’s sweet ass

September 12, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Brandon fucks Jeffrey’s sweet ass 

Full length Sean Cody videos

Jeffrey is a really fun guy and I love how he’s continually exploring his own sexuality! He gets really excited just talking about it. Put him in a room with another guy and his cock gets rock hard! Brandon… well, he’s still a bit shy about things. But, he’s kept an open mind about his new experiences and he was ready for more!

“You’ve done a film before… you got your ass eaten and a blow job. Which one did you like better?” I asked Brandon. “Blow job,” he replied. “Why?” I asked. Jeffrey was surprised that he didn’t pick the rim job. “You didn’t like your butt hole eaten out?” he asked in disbelief. “…just new,” Brandon replied. “I wasn’t used to it.” “Did you like it though?” “Yeah,” he answered with a shy smile.

This time it was Brandon’s turn to suck some dick. I have to say that he did a pretty good job! He also gave Jeffrey a great fucking and he looked damn near perfect doing it!

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Jarek fucks Calvin at Sean Cody

June 28, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Jarek fucks Calvin at Sean Cody 

Sean Cody gay porn

I wish there were monitors that could show these guys off in full scale. I say this so that the size of Jarek and Calvin can be fully appreciated. Calvin is 6’2″. Jarek is 6’5″. Having these two big hot naked guys, dicks flopping and ready to fuck each other is sometimes just too much to handle. They were ready for each other the instant they met.

They were slapping each other’s asses, tweaking on nipples and talking about watching their films on the site. “Do you ever watch your own films?” I asked Calvin. “Um. Yeah, I watched one… it was me though. You ever hear of those people that watch themselves? It’s weird. I can’t do that.”

Well, I have to say that it’s not weird when you can take a dick as good as Calvin can. He bent over to show his hairy hole and Jarek jumped right in there — rimming it first, then teasing it with his uncut cock before finally letting him have it. Jarek pumped into Calvin with long steady strokes and then pounded into him as deep as he could. Calvin even grabbed onto his own ass and spread it open to take it in even deeper.

After that there was no stopping them. Jarek was making the headboard slam with every thrust. And Calvin was loving every minute of it. He did not want that dick out of him! He even managed to rotate on Jarek’s cock as he rode it without letting it pop out!

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Allen fucks Ethan at Sean Cody

June 24, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Allen fucks Ethan at Sean Cody 

Big dicked Sean Cody hunks

Ethan was not kidding about traveling the country after the last time he was here. I doubt he really did it in a van but he did turn into a bit of a mountain man — hiking the California mountains and lying around on the beaches of Hawaii. I was surprised to see him with a beard and actually found it to be very hot! There was a part of me that said, “Have him shave it” but then the other just kept saying, “Damn, he looks hot!”

Allen seemed to have liked it too. He’s just finished up school for the summer and was ready for some fun. I can’t say if the beard had anything to do with it, but he was on Ethan and his cock like there was no tomorrow. They couldn’t even wait to get to the bed to start fucking, and it wasn’t long before Ethan’s cock was leaking pre-cum with every pounding.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I swear they both shot the biggest loads I have seen either of them shoot before! Not a bad way for these two guys to get their summer going!

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Hal jerks off for Sean Cody

May 12, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Hal jerks off for Sean Cody 

Sean Cody

Hal was the scrawny tall guy in school that did not get a lot of attention — at least that is what he said. He has gone through a transformation recently… a “bulking up stage” as he called it. “So this is your definition of bulking up?” I asked as he took his clothes off. “You look pretty cut for being in the ‘bulking up’ stage.”

“Well, naturally I am very skinny,” he said. “I weighed 130 pounds when I first graduated and now I’m at 175. I think that is pretty bulk.” “Whoa! How tall are you?” “I’m 5’11…” “…And you weighed 130 pounds?” I asked in disbelief. “On a good day. Honestly. I was a scrawny little kid.”

That’s pretty surprising, but he looks great now! He has crystal blue eyes, full lips, a solid chest with perfect nipples, a perfect meaty butt, balls that would hang nicely into any mouth, and a big cock!

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