Skylar services Brayden James at Dirty Boy Video

February 10, 2012 · Posted in Dirty Boy Video 

Skylar services Brayden James

Sometimes I really don’t need an ass to slide my cock into to get off, or even have a dude slamming my hole either. I’m a real cock lover, everything about a boys dick gets me so horny. I once shot my load without even having my cock touched while I swallowed a dudes shaft and gulped down his cum.

And if that boy was the gorgeous lad Brayden James I wouldn’t hesitate to service his tight ass and delicious cock! Skylar has been busy at the local Occupy protest in Oakland, but even passionately principled boys like him need to take a break from all that for a while now and then to feast on some cock and get a boys cum shot!

boys cum shots

Brayden is more than eager to feed the boy his dick too, with some really delicious rimming going on too. I love the look of that boys butt, so plump and perfect. It’s the kind of butt you could really get into – so to speak – and Skylar does as he parts those pale cheeks and licks at that boys twitching hole.

Just like me, Skylar loves sucking dick. His hard cock is stroked as he devours that boys meat and takes it deep. And he’s so horny for the taste of that precum leaking from Baryden James’ shaft and the hot boys cum shot over him that he can’t hold his own spooge in his balls and spurts his semen at Brayden’s feet, splashing his hot cum over the guys boots!

I’d take on either boy for some cock sucking fun any day of the week. And given the choice between fighting cops to defend a tent or sucking the cum shot from a hot boys cock, I know which I would choose!

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