Will and Andy fuck Grant from both sides at Fraternity X

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Grant gets fucks by Will and Andy

Will and Andy, the two bad boys of the house, were up all Sunday night getting trashed. They were being loud, arrogant and obnoxious, and come Monday morning were seriously horny. Grant was showering, and getting ready for classes when they jumped him.

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Myles takes double jock cock in his little ass

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Myles takes jock cocks

I guess there are a few jock cock porn sites out there these days, and I’m a pretty big fan of several of them. But no other site does the gay jock cock action like Fraternity X does in my opinion.

Although this site really only kicked off properly last year, it’s really become one of the hottest places to check out if you’re into watching some really hot and horny college guys sharing their dicks and shooting their loads over each other. And if you’re a fan of the messy cum shots like I am, it’s a great site that really focuses on the sticky endings!

This video has to be one of those every fan of young jock cock action is gonna love! Especially if you’re into cock orgy action as much as I am.

Young lad Myles is the noob arriving in the frat house for an initiation ceremony, the kind of ceremony only these boys can deliver. He was picked up by Anthony after he was kinda caught out checking out some guys ass, and Anthony knew right away that this boy would be a great fuck.

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FraternityX: Who’s the Bitch?

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Who's the Bitch?

As usual we were chilling out, and getting wasted. Every party in this house has a bitch, and Miles was pretty messed up. So I thought for sure he would be getting his ass fucked. But when the party gets started its hard to tell who’s going to be the bitch. Usually its some pussy ass freshman who can’t handle his booze. But occasionally a senior has a slip up. We decided to play a little drinking game, and find out – who’s the bitch?

[flv:https://www.gayblogheaven.com/flv/bitchmiles.flv 550 310]

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Fraternity X: Cock Hole

September 3, 2011 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Fraternity X: Cock Hole 

Dorm room gay sex parties

After taking some verbal abuse from the boys, Jake is forced onto his knees. With a cock in each hole this dick hungry slut is tag teamed by myself (I’m Angelo) and Anthony. This is pretty much the norm in our frat house. We smoke a bowl, talk some shit and then some frathouse bitch ends up getting plowed in both holes. There is no bigger frat bitch than Jake. Even though he won’t admit it, he definitely loves making these vids.

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Horny Fratboy Gang Bang

June 11, 2011 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Horny Fratboy Gang Bang 

Fraternity X

Three of my frat buddies take turns fucking this hot, bearded bottom, Sebastian. He can usually handle a long dicking session. But my buddies wore him out, so they turned on one of the cameramen. They hold Ayden down while Jackson fucks him with his super-sized fatty.

Sebastian is lying on the floor jerking off and Jackson, MJ, and Krys each take their turn spilling their spunk all over him. Sebastian pumps one out, too, and by that time Jackson and MJ are ready to splooge again. We had to hose Sebastian down in the shower! (more after the jump)

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Drunken Fratboys fuck

May 26, 2011 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Drunken Fratboys fuck 

Drunken fratboys fuck at Fraternity X

Three of my buddies and I sparked up the bong in one of the bedrooms. I was wearing loose-fitting shorts and everyone could see me tenting my cock was in need of some attention. I’m MJ, btw with the blond mohawk and a pretty big dick. Brenden gave me a super toke and a sexy kiss. ‘Now what are you going to do for me?’ he asked.

So we swapped blowjobs and Krys joined for a three-way suck. Brenden wanted to get fucked and it took some pushing to get inside his tight hole. He was really tight but I just punched my dick in. Out of no where Ayden shows up – drunk as hell – we threw him onto the desk and took turns fucking him. After I did all the hard work, Krys horned his way in, ordering Brenden onto the bed and boned him, so I dicked Ayden on the other bed.

Then the bottoms swapped and we continued drilling. We got into duelling jerk offs with Ayden cumming first, then Brenden so typical that the bottoms shoot first! I pumped out my load all over Ayden’s smooth belly; and Krys and Brenden kissed on the other bed until Krys jizzed all over himself.

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Dorm boys orgy at Fraternity X

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college boy orgy at Fraternity X

The guys are sitting around the dorm, nursing hangovers and comparing morning woods. Jackson and Dayton pounce on Zach and take turns fucking his ass and mouth. Zach shoots his load while getting double fucked; then Jackson and Dayton turn on cameraman Sebastian.

They take turns using his ass and mouth until they both splatter big, healthy loads all over him. Then Sebastian pumps one out, adding his jizz to the two loads pooling on his belly.

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Welcoming the new Frat Boy

April 17, 2011 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Welcoming the new Frat Boy 

When a new guy, Jackson, joins our frat, we decided to throw him a little welcome party to show him how things go down at Fraternity X. Dayton and new guy, Jackson, feed their big dicks to this hungry cocksucker, Ayden. Dayton’s got a big cock, but this new guy isn’t just big, he’s thick. This poor butt boy whimpered and squirmed while my buddies boned his ass and throat. And Jackson literally fucked the cum out of this cocksucker, then he shot his thick load of spunk all over him.

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