Leo Forte and Boston Miles share some Office Cock

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Leo Forte and Boston Miles

When I used to work in an office there were a few guys I would chat to every day. We were miles apart, and never met, but one guy in particular sounded so sexy on the phone that I just knew he was a hot and horny guy and if we ever did meet we’d be sucking each other off in an instant.

I guess we all have those fantasies of some office cock action sometimes, right? Well, unlike those of us who might never get to meet that guy on the other end of the line, Leo Forte and Boston Miles are about to meet after months of chatting…

As soon as they arrive to seal the deal they’ve been working on they have a completely different arrangement running through their heads. There’s an instant lust between them as they both realize that they guy they’ve been listening to for so long really is as hot and as horny as he sounds.

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Topher DiMaggio fucks Christopher

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The Gay Office

Christopher is high powered executive constantly traveling on business trips leaving little time for relationships and even less for sex. On his way to a meeting Christopher sees Topher walking down the hotel hallway, Topher stunning – perfectly manicured, impeccably dressed. A well-dressed man is hard not to notice, seeing Topher DiMaggio armoured up in a business suit is a whole new level of sexy.

As they pass each other eye contact is made, but neither of them stop to say anything. Christopher takes a second glance over his shoulder as they pass, turns around and without saying anything looks into Topher’s eyes and hands him a business card. Nothing is said and they both continue in the opposite directions. The card couldn’t be more to the point, Christopher’s room number and a time.

The invitation is nothing more than a way to get Topher in his hotel room and let him fuck the cum out of him. Wow,Topher sure knows how to ride that willing ass!

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Hot security control

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Men At Play

When you’re a high flying business man like Kyle King, going through airport security a few times a week can get a little tiresome and monotonous, except when you have a security officer as corrupt as Bruno Knight on duty that is. When Mr. King sets off the metal detector repeatedly, Bruno proceeds to search his body carefully, but finds nothing other than a very muscular physique under the expensive suit.

However he isn’t going to let him slip away that easily. He then asks him to open his bag and in when Mr. King isn’t looking, plants a suspicious bag of white powder among his belongings. Mr. King swears he has no knowledge of the item, but Bruno firmly asks the passenger to accompany him to a private room where he can give him a more ‘thorough’ inspection.

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Preston fucks Kelan in his office

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Preston fucks Kelan at Phoenixxx

Kelan Carr helps Preston Ettinger relax in his office with a shoulder massage. Once he gets all his work done, he decides he isn’t finished with Kelan. They slowly remove each others shirts and ties before moving to some hot naked oral action on the office chair. Preston then fucks Kelan’s little ass nice and good in several positions.

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Vance fucks his teacher

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Men Hard At Work

Vance fucks his teacher

Ken and Vance

Older and younger

Vance comes back to visit his favorite teacher, Mr. Mack, to get a reference letter to go to college. Mr. Mack is happy to oblige his star pupil, and even happier to celebrate this homecoming with a little bit of bone cumming.

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Julian and Erik in Blind Date

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Blind Date - Men At Play

We often find ourselves undressing people with our eyes, but when our co-workers are as sexy as Julian its not hard to get carried away and imagine yourself being dragged to your knees to service his thick hard cock. Or having him throw you against the desk to work on your hungry ass from behind. Or even picture him shooting his hot thick load all over you whilst you lay there waiting hungrily! Its almost enough to make you blow your own load… it was certainly enough for Erik.


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