Double penetrating Johnny Rapid

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Winning Ball

The soccer team suffered a humiliating defeat and the guys (Blaze, Rafael Alencar, Leo Forte and Brad Foxx)  place the blame on goalie Johnny Rapid.  Frustrated, the guys find a way to release some anger and Johnny fares no better at keeping his opponents from scoring.

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Leo Forte and Boston Miles share some Office Cock

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Leo Forte and Boston Miles

When I used to work in an office there were a few guys I would chat to every day. We were miles apart, and never met, but one guy in particular sounded so sexy on the phone that I just knew he was a hot and horny guy and if we ever did meet we’d be sucking each other off in an instant.

I guess we all have those fantasies of some office cock action sometimes, right? Well, unlike those of us who might never get to meet that guy on the other end of the line, Leo Forte and Boston Miles are about to meet after months of chatting…

As soon as they arrive to seal the deal they’ve been working on they have a completely different arrangement running through their heads. There’s an instant lust between them as they both realize that they guy they’ve been listening to for so long really is as hot and as horny as he sounds.

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