Leo Forte and Boston Miles share some Office Cock

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Leo Forte and Boston Miles

When I used to work in an office there were a few guys I would chat to every day. We were miles apart, and never met, but one guy in particular sounded so sexy on the phone that I just knew he was a hot and horny guy and if we ever did meet we’d be sucking each other off in an instant.

I guess we all have those fantasies of some office cock action sometimes, right? Well, unlike those of us who might never get to meet that guy on the other end of the line, Leo Forte and Boston Miles are about to meet after months of chatting…

As soon as they arrive to seal the deal they’ve been working on they have a completely different arrangement running through their heads. There’s an instant lust between them as they both realize that they guy they’ve been listening to for so long really is as hot and as horny as he sounds.

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Phenix Saint fucks Christopher Daniels

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Phenix Saint is at a job interview for a position that, according to his resume, he is clearly unqualified for. Christopher Daniels would like to hire Phenix, but first he is going to have to show how committed he is by eating out a qualified ass and sucking on qualified cock.

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Topher DiMaggio fucks Christopher

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The Gay Office

Christopher is high powered executive constantly traveling on business trips leaving little time for relationships and even less for sex. On his way to a meeting Christopher sees Topher walking down the hotel hallway, Topher stunning – perfectly manicured, impeccably dressed. A well-dressed man is hard not to notice, seeing Topher DiMaggio armoured up in a business suit is a whole new level of sexy.

As they pass each other eye contact is made, but neither of them stop to say anything. Christopher takes a second glance over his shoulder as they pass, turns around and without saying anything looks into Topher’s eyes and hands him a business card. Nothing is said and they both continue in the opposite directions. The card couldn’t be more to the point, Christopher’s room number and a time.

The invitation is nothing more than a way to get Topher in his hotel room and let him fuck the cum out of him. Wow,Topher sure knows how to ride that willing ass!

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