Chris Wyld plays with toys and jerks off

September 10, 2012 · Posted in Bentley Race · Comments Off on Chris Wyld plays with toys and jerks off 

Chris Wyld solo

Our new mate Chris Wyld put on a really hot show when it came time for him to shoot his very first video. He had just gotten naked in his first photo shoot with Zac. And now it was time to see if he could put on a live show for us. Well it turns out that Chris is pretty kinky and loves to play with toys.

Watch Chris playing with his toys and jerking off

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Fleshjack jerk off with Ian Parker

June 22, 2012 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership · Comments Off on Fleshjack jerk off with Ian Parker 

Ian Parker fucks a Fleshjack

It goes without saying that the muscle cock action on the Randy Blue site is always top quality in every respect. There’s a reason why the site is so popular, and I think it’s because they get everything right from the handsome muscle guys they film to the themes and the action they capture.

But although the duo shoots, threeway fucks and orgies are all awesome, I really love their fleshjack jerk off videos!

They’ve had quite a few on the site in recent years, and having one of those toys myself I can totally understand why. They feel awesome when you sink your cock into them.

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Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

August 31, 2011 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership · Comments Off on Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack 

Sean Zevran fucks a FleshJack

With his carmel colored skin, incredibly handsome face and warm personality you won’t know if you want to snuggle with Sean Zevran or fuck his brains out.  On the surface he’s a little shy, and that large toothy grin makes you think of the whole boy next door thing.  But once he strips down and shows off that beautiful hairy chest of his, running his hands all over his hard pecs and down to his hard throbbing cock, you know this guy means business.

He loves sex in the shower so we started off by shooting him with hot steamy water cascading down his sexy body, just to fuel your fantasies a little more.  He loves sex, and especially loves to be rimmed.  And while his bashfulness might make you think he’s not as daring as you would like, he confessed to us that he’d love noting more than to have some hot steamy sex in the shower at a gym, a place where just anyone could walk in and catch him.  Between his adorable face and hot sexy body, Sean is sure to become a new Randy Blue favorite.

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Bryan Pace for Randy Blue

May 5, 2011 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership · Comments Off on Bryan Pace for Randy Blue 

Have you ever had sex on a golf course?  Our newest model at Randy Blue can tell you all about it because it’s one of his favorite things to do.  There’s just something about balls and holes that bring out his exhibitionist qualities, causing him to peel off his tight jeans and sexy shirt and bang his partner of choice on every tee.

He’s got dreamy blue eyes and a handsome face.  And when you first get a look at his hairy chest you’ll wish you had a set of clubs handy because all you’ll want to do is get naked with this horny college jock.  His charm is disarming and you’d never guess that he’s got a dirty side but it becomes evident when he’s jerking his perfectly shaped cock.

He doesn’t just stroke but he works over every inch, his steel blue eyes gazing intently on it like a snake charmer working his prey.  He doesn’t just ram a Fleshjack down on his stiff rod, he bucks his hips as if he’s fucking it like it’s alive and can feel pleasure.  Then he flips it over and fucks it like crazy just so you can get a good look at his ass.

And he’s got this hot little birthmark right by his hole.  He’s going to make an excellent bottom.  And when he cums, he doesn’t shoot or dribble, he lets out a slow steady stream of hot jizz that cascades down his cock like hot lava from a volcano.

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Shane fucks a FleshLight

April 15, 2010 · Posted in Randy Blue · Comments Off on Shane fucks a FleshLight 

There is nothing like your first time doing something. A first kiss, a first fuck, and the first time you post naked for a gay porn site. Shane Fisher was so excited about doing his first video. It’s something he’d been fantasizing about for a long time. He’s quite an exhibitionist and the idea of jerking his hot cock online for thousands of horny guys to get off to was a huge fantasy of his.

When we started off he got really shy but his hard throbbing boner gave him away. And his bashfulness just added to his charm. His lean trim body is so hot and the way he playfully spanks his own ass while he’s jerking off is sure to inspire you.

Shane had never used a FleshJack (order yours here) before but once he started I could tell his balls were churning and if I wasn’t careful he’d shoot his hot load all up inside it. So as he was jerking himself off with his new favorite sextoy, I made sure he knew to pull out if he got close. And you’ll love the sight of him laying on the bed working his dick until it spurts thick ropes of creamy jizz all over his chest.

Read our Randy Blue review or Check out Randy Blue and watch Shane fucking a FleshJack in the full length movie.


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