Bridge Layne jerks off and shoots a load

November 2, 2011 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership 

Bridge Layne jerks off

Bridge Layne takes a break from working on the farm.  It’s been a long day of doing chores and he needs a break.  Sitting under a tree in the warm summer sun he takes off his shirt to beat the heat.  With his 6 foot tall frame and lightly hairy chest this guy would be at home in any downtown watering hole yet he finds the peace and quiet he needs right here on the farm.

With the light breeze caressing his thin frame he grabs ahold of his cock and starts stroking.  Even though there’s nobody around for miles the fact that a stray hiker or passing motorist might catch a glimpse of his naked body makes his cock stand up at attention.

He plays with his nipples letting one of a thousand erotic fantasies play out in his head.  He reaches around and teases his virgin hole with a finger.  He imagines what a nice thick cock would feel like invading his most sacred of spaces while he lets a finger slip inside for just a moment.

Later, he wanders through the grassy yard looking for a good sunny place to bring himself to climax.  He works his cock past the point of no return and lets a huge stream of jizz splash onto his tight stomach, rests for just a moment, then he’s ready to get back to his chores.

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