Will and Andy fuck Grant from both sides at Fraternity X

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Grant gets fucks by Will and Andy

Will and Andy, the two bad boys of the house, were up all Sunday night getting trashed. They were being loud, arrogant and obnoxious, and come Monday morning were seriously horny. Grant was showering, and getting ready for classes when they jumped him.

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Hung amateur jerks off and cums

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Big dicked amateur

Jerking off and shooting his load

Hung BFs

I love professionally made porn, but sometimes I search for hot amateur porn to get off on. Hot guys jerking off in front of the camera, sharing their private and intimate moments with the rest of the world are a huge turn on for me.

Any guy stroking his cock makes me horny, but I go wild for guys with big cocks. The guy in this movie is just perfect; he has a big cock and you can see he enjoys the wank. He shoots an amazing load onto his neck, shoulders and chest.

[flv:https://www.gayblogheaven.com/flv/hungguyjerking.flv 550 411]

If you like hung amateurs as much as I do, you should really visit Hung BFs. It’s a site full of big dicked amateur boys stroking of on camera.

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Cole and Hunter fuck Bradley

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Fratboy Bradley gets fucked by the Maverick Men

In this classic video we get Frat Boy Bradley to take off his mask and make a HOT HOT fuck-filled video with us. We took his sexy ass to Rhode Island, where we rented a hotel room and went out to a few great strip joints and clubs. Rhode Island is the best for night-time fun! In the first scene, you’ll see us chatting him up and talking him into removing his mask to show his sexy face.

He’s a bit reluctant at first, but he finally loses the mask, and then we start the party. We sat his sexy ass down on the sofa and sucked his sweet cock, then bent him over and licked his hairy man-boy ass. Hunter was in total heaven. But it doesn’t stop there! Then, we face fucked him, and dragged him to the bed where we gave him the fucking of a lifetime.

This sexy fuck came so hard and so much that he covered his own face with gobs of man batter! The fucking and dirty talk in this vid is hot as hell. We cover a lot of ground in this vid; we included lots of fun stuff like the night clubs and when Hunter and Frat Boy got charged by a cop on a horse. LOL

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ManHunt Hookup: Andy fucks Dany

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Hopefully you caught a glimpse of  Boston boy Andy in his solo last week at OnTheHunt. He’s slim, he’s smooth and he has that totally hot Boston accent. And you should remember Dany from our hot 3-way last week where he and Kenedy both fucked Edy at the same time.

Well, the passion between Dany and Andy was major and these 2 couldn’t keep their hands off of each other as we tried to set up the cameras and lights for the scene. We literally had to tell them 4 times to “save it for the camera” and once that camera started rolling we didn’t need to say a single word to either of them.

They went down on each other’s dicks for almost an hour before we had to break them up to get Andy’s eager hole ready for a fucking. And it took Dany no time at well to get to pounding that hole until they both shoot all over each other. And their last words as the end of the scene? We are ready to go again!

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Black guy fucks a white butthole

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I love amateur videos and here’s one hot interracial fuck I want to share with you all. This black stud fucks a white bottom whore. He plunges his black cock into that hungry white ass. Very hot! Check out Interracial BFs for more hot interracial amateur videos.

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Tim Tales fucks Viktor

February 5, 2011 · Posted in Tim Tales · Comments Off on Tim Tales fucks Viktor 

Viktor has never done any video before but trust me, you will see him more often on Timtales.com in the future. I really liked that guy, his toned body, great legs and feet and his amazing butt. It felt so good fucking that hairy guy. My boyfriend Grobes was rock hard too, while filming us.

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Jessie and Marcus, two dirty fuckers

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Jessie and Marcus

Marcus is into cum and spit and Jessie can suck himself off. Naturally we had the sense to put these two tight little fuckers together and the result is out of this world!

You Love Jack

Jessie pushes his underwear down and bends over and licks the head of his own cock while Marcus watches in the background. Amazed, hypnotized… Jessie sees his buddy’s expression and aims his massive cock at Marcus’ mouth and shoves it in. Marcus pauses to gently lick the head and shaft of Jessie’s cock before slipping that monster into his mouth.

Next, Jessie sits up and Marcus starts on his own cock, inching closer to his own orgasm. Jessie takes a look at his buddy and spits on his face and as soon as that slobber lands on Marcus he starts shooting. Stream after stream of steaming hot jizz coat his chest as he gets off on the cum and spit, his buddy has provided for him. This guy’s a dirty little fucker and it looks good on him!

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