Jeremy Feist sucks his own cock

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Jeremy Feist is another one of those young, hung and horny guys that we love showing you here on NextDoorTwink. This guy has a massive cock, a nice slim body and an interesting skill we’re sure you’ll enjoy.Jeremy’s cock is so long that all he has to do is bend forward and he can suck himself.

This scene is full of ass play, cock stroking and self sucking that ends with this slim hottie filling his own mouth with his man milk.

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Jessie and Marcus, two dirty fuckers

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Jessie and Marcus

Marcus is into cum and spit and Jessie can suck himself off. Naturally we had the sense to put these two tight little fuckers together and the result is out of this world!

You Love Jack

Jessie pushes his underwear down and bends over and licks the head of his own cock while Marcus watches in the background. Amazed, hypnotized… Jessie sees his buddy’s expression and aims his massive cock at Marcus’ mouth and shoves it in. Marcus pauses to gently lick the head and shaft of Jessie’s cock before slipping that monster into his mouth.

Next, Jessie sits up and Marcus starts on his own cock, inching closer to his own orgasm. Jessie takes a look at his buddy and spits on his face and as soon as that slobber lands on Marcus he starts shooting. Stream after stream of steaming hot jizz coat his chest as he gets off on the cum and spit, his buddy has provided for him. This guy’s a dirty little fucker and it looks good on him!

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Selfsucker Ajax

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When I initially spoke with Ajax, he asked me if I would be interested in a dude that could suck his dick. I of course said, “Sure!” as it adds a bit more interest to a plain ‘ole solo. Ajax is 19, and a former HS football player. He used to be a lot heavier for the sport, but in the year since graduating, he has been working on leaning up.


He had a lot more nervous energy than most of the guys. When he showed up to the studio, he wasnt very interested in doing photos, hence no photo spread. He just wanted to get naked and suck his own dick.  We did a few photos and he just wanted to get goin’!

I thought this would be a great video for the end of year Blow Out, considering he is blowing himself.

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