Sucking off a Turkish guy

October 26, 2009 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Sucking off a Turkish guy 

Meet Barak! He is a hot and hairy Turkish guy who has been living in NYC for the past few years. One of the things that makes NYC so great is that it is filled with hot guys born elsewhere who now make this city their home. Barak dates lots of women, we can see why he is so popular he is tall, dark and handsome. He was blessed with best of Mediterranean features, big brown eyes, olive skin and body hair! Lots of body hair! 

This hairy Turk, loves to get his cock sucked,  in his culture doesn’t matter who sucks it, a mouth is a mouth. So naturally it isn’t always a girl who sucks him off. He tells us that since he moved to NYC he finds it so easy to get a blowjob because of all the guys willing to suck him off. He takes full advantage of any willing mouth, including Sergio’s!

Sergio was almost drooling over the chance to blow Barak, Sergio wanted his mouth used for all its worth. Barak told us there is nothing better than to see a mouth wide open and ready for his cock. He really enjoyed Sergio’s soft lips, tongue action and great suction. Barak was having such a great time getting his blowjob he decided to sit down and relax with a cocksucker between his hairy legs. Sergio didn’t miss a beat, he knew why he was there, to suck and satisfy.

In the end, Barak got his satisfaction when he busted his nut all over. Sergio got his when Barak told him with certainty that he will be sucking him off again! 
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