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Eating Beau’s cum!

May 20, 2011 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Eating Beau’s cum! 

Eating Beau's load at New York Straight Men

Beau is a straight and demanding New Yorker. He used to have a regular tranny cocksucker, but since she moved to Florida, Beau is in need for a good cock treat.  Beau has a slightly hairy and lean body and a 7.5 inch cock. Trey, the resident New York Straight Men cocksucker was happy satisfy Beau’s needs and he was quick to help this straight man out of his pants.

Beau is a tough guy and want things done his way. He makes clear how he wants it and Trey has to obey. Trey does a great job servicing Beau like he requested, including ball licking and swallowing his load. This is one great blowjob video!

Download the full video here

Trey sucks straight guy Josh

April 9, 2011 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Trey sucks straight guy Josh 

Josh was really horny but wanted to something more than just a blowjob. He wanted to sit on the cocksucker’s face and get his balls sucked and then fuck some face.

Trey was a compliant sucker, he understands that his job is to please. Josh liked that attitude and took advantage. In this movie there Josh got teabagged,he also got rimmed and finished up by fucked Trey’s mouth like it was a pussy!

Download the full video here

Lucas sucks a straight NY macho

January 27, 2011 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Lucas sucks a straight NY macho 

Meet Tim! He hails from Staten Island and is an electrician by trade. Tim is your typical blue collar, thick accented, straight macho New Yorker! We kind of think he looks a little like ” Ricky D” from this site and also he bares a slight resemblance to a younger Woody Harrelson.

Tim is a “face sitter”. He loves sitting on a face and loves feeling a warm wet tongue on his asshole. Naturally he prefers a girl’s smooth feeling face between his ass cheeks, but getting rimmed by a guy will work for him, too.

So Lucas went to work on Tim, sucking his cock and eating out his ass. He gave Tim that much needed “round the world service” he came to us for. When Tim wants to cum, he loves standing up and getting blown. He told us that his load usually goes in the sucker’s mouth or as a facial. This time around Tim’s sperm went all over Lucas’ face! Tim was proud of his load and so were we!

Download the full video here

Introducing a new Cocksucker

October 22, 2010 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Introducing a new Cocksucker 

Mark got laid off from his job and needed to make rent, so he asked us for a loan. We said we would not be happy help him out but he would have to “work” for it. He knew what that meant, so after thinking about it he agreed. He was going to suck cock and then some!

We told Aaron we had a newbie cocksucker that needed to be broken in, without hesitation he offered his cock to be the first one sucked. However, Aaron wanted some more that just a bj, he wanted to break Mark in thoroughly… That included foot service and a rim job along with the blowjob. Mark did everything according to Aaron’s specification, Mark knew who was boss. He also knew he did a great job when Aaron blew a HUGE load all over!

Download the full video here

Sucking off a Turkish guy

October 26, 2009 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Sucking off a Turkish guy 

Meet Barak! He is a hot and hairy Turkish guy who has been living in NYC for the past few years. One of the things that makes NYC so great is that it is filled with hot guys born elsewhere who now make this city their home. Barak dates lots of women, we can see why he is so popular he is tall, dark and handsome. He was blessed with best of Mediterranean features, big brown eyes, olive skin and body hair! Lots of body hair! 

This hairy Turk, loves to get his cock sucked,  in his culture doesn’t matter who sucks it, a mouth is a mouth. So naturally it isn’t always a girl who sucks him off. He tells us that since he moved to NYC he finds it so easy to get a blowjob because of all the guys willing to suck him off. He takes full advantage of any willing mouth, including Sergio’s!

Sergio was almost drooling over the chance to blow Barak, Sergio wanted his mouth used for all its worth. Barak told us there is nothing better than to see a mouth wide open and ready for his cock. He really enjoyed Sergio’s soft lips, tongue action and great suction. Barak was having such a great time getting his blowjob he decided to sit down and relax with a cocksucker between his hairy legs. Sergio didn’t miss a beat, he knew why he was there, to suck and satisfy.

In the end, Barak got his satisfaction when he busted his nut all over. Sergio got his when Barak told him with certainty that he will be sucking him off again! 
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Sucking off Maxwell

June 6, 2009 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Sucking off Maxwell 

Meet Maxwell! He’s 27, and works in one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. He’s from that generation who has very few taboos. He mentions about the many times that he and his girlfriend, who works with him, will pick up club patrons to take home. Doesn’t matter if they are guys or girls just as long as they are willing to play with both of them.

Maxwell loves blowjobs and says that his girlfriend does a great job, but really can appreciate when a guy sucks him off. Usually that happens while his girlfriend is watching, but not this time! He came to us because he was feeling selfish and really needed to bust a nut.

Christian got right down on his knees, pulled Maxwell’s underwear down and got his mouth around Maxwell’s cock and his nose in that hairy bush. Christian sucked and slurped his cock, delivering a blowjob that Maxwell rated in the top 5 that he ever got.

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Angel gets his dick sucked

May 5, 2009 · Posted in New York Straight Men · Comments Off on Angel gets his dick sucked 

Angel arrived directly from an all night bachelor that was held for his buddy. He had a great time but there was only one girl there for 20 guys. Angel said she was really hot and she got him all worked up but most of her time was monopolized by the groom-to-be and the guys in the wedding party. Angel and the other guys watched as she was blowing those guys and giving lap dances.

While Angel got a lap dance, he needed more, he had a 4 day load built up. While some of the guys were frustrated, Angel had a little secret, he could get a bj just about whenever he wanted one…. from one of our cocksuckers!

Around 11 am the next morning we got a call from Angel, practically demanding we get him a cocksucker. We don’t mind those demands. Christian hustled right on over to do his job.

He wrapped his lips around Angel’s hard and throbbing cock, just as Angel needed. He didn’t want to blow his wad too soon and wanted some edging, so Angel got on the sofa face down and ass up, coaxing Christian to put his face between his ass cheeks and to start licking out his asshole.

After Christian spent some quality time with his tongue up Angel’s ass, Angel flipped over and that’s when the real fun began.. Angel just used Christian’s mouth as a pleasure device that he so desperately needed. When the time came, our camera caught the thick ropes of cum spewing out of Angel’s massive cock much to Christian’s delight!

Check out New York Straight Men and watch Angel getting his cock sucked in the full length movie.


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