Glenn Phillips fucks Devin Adams

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Glenn Phillips and Devin Adams make a hot pair. These two collegiate studs get their juices flowing fast – making out and starting to grab all over each other. Devin makes the first move, going down onto his knees and swallowing Glenns cock, licking it all up and down.

Glenn loves it, and gives a try at going down on Devin. Before long, Glenn has Devin bent over and is fucking him hard and deep, slapping his ass and having a lot of fun. Devin enjoys it too, and pretty soon Devin is hanging off of the chair as Glenn thrusts his cock in and out of his tight hole. Glenn finishes off by flipping Devin over on his back, grabbing his ankles, and fucking harder until Devin blows a really nice load!

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Brendon gets a Handjob

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Brendon is a hard bodied stud with a nice cock and a high libido; it didn’t take me much sweet talking to get this horny boy home, naked and jerking on his fuck stick.

I think that he enjoyed having his cock captured on camera while he was jerking on it and when I moved over to help him jerk his rigid pole he didn’t even bat an eye. I loved the way his hard cock felt in the palm of my hand as I jerked on him. The more I touched and teased that big cock the harder it got and the more Brendon moaned.

I soon brought out my cock sleeve. I love jerking a cock with that rubber cock enclosure so I stuffed it slowly onto his hard dick. That really got him moaning and biting his lip. He was really getting into what I was doing to his cock. That toy on his cock not only felt good to him, but his cock felt real good in my hand. It didn’t take long for him to jerk and buck his hips and cum hard for me. I milked those balls for every drop as Brendon moaned his pleasure.

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Straight boys in a 3-some

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Hot, straight and broke. That describes the average guy at Broke Straight Boys. Diesal and Aaron agreed to do an anal scene to earn some nice cash… but right before the shoot Aaron said he didn’t want to do it, cause he thought Diesal’s dick would be too big. Diesal didn’t want to bottom at all. Eric, who was in the studio for another shoot agreed to join Diesal and Aaron in their shoot and make it a hot jerk off and blowjob 3some.

The guys strip down to show their bodies. It doesn’t take long before their cocks are hard. Soon the guys are all over each other sucking and jerking each other’s big hard dicks. It’s not just Diesal who has a big cock, cause the other boys are pretty hung too. After exchanging blowjobs for a while, the guys jerk off in a race to see who would cum first.

It doesn’t take long before Diesal shoots his load over Eric’s chest. Next is Eric, who shoots his jizz over his own stomach and chest. It takes a little longer before Aaron cums, but when he cums, he shoots a big load. By the end of this hot video, Eric is covered in cum. The boys get $800 each for their great performance!

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Extremely hot amateur shows off

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Amateur boys are fun to look at and amateur sites are popping up like mushrooms. Talking about mushrooms, this hot amateur boy called Carter has a great mushroom cock head. He’s extremely hot and has such an amazing body. Carter is probably one of the reasons that amateur sites like Boyfriend Nudes are so popular.

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Exciting changes at College Dudes 24/7

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There have been some major changes at College Dudes 24/7 and we are very excited about the changes. First of all, the site has been re-designed and we must say the site got a fresher look. Second, the name of the site has been changed into College Dudes (without the 24/7). The third and probably the best change is that College Dudes now offers $1 trial memberships!

That’s almost 400 episodes of the best solo and hardcore college boy sex for just one dollar!  Make sure to grab your $1 membership, before the owners change their minds!


Shawn and Braden

May 17, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Shawn and Braden 

I placed both Shawn and Brenden together. This was the first time Braden was in a situation with another guy. Off camera both Shawn and Braden got along really well. They both had things in common and Shawn was telling Braden about his first experience and how he couldn’t film. Shawn was really cool giving Braden some pointers and tips about filming his first oral scene.

When it was time for Braden to film, he kept on insisting he was straight and he would remind us often. I basically told him we don’t judge and care about his sexuality at this point…just make sure his cock stays hard and enjoys the time on the futon. With my mini-pep talk over…the boys enter the set and the fun begins.

Both boys look really hot together…I had Shawn suck Braden’s cock first to see his reaction and Shawn sucked his cock like a pro…at first Braden was not feeling it and it was kind of weird for him…but I told him close his eyes and think of a girl is sucking his dick and watch the porn playing in the back ground. After a few moments… Braden got into it and really started to feel the pleasure of a hot moist mouth sucking on his throbbing cock. Continue…



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