Jamie and Jack go gay for cash

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Straight boys fuck each other for money

Jack and Jamie are in the studio today and as always, they are in desperate need of some quick and easy cash. Jamie is broke from paying bills while Jack’s girlfriend is suing him for child support. When Jack called up to ask if there were any shoots coming up, I told him that the only one available was if he took a cock up his ass. While Jack wasn’t too happy about the idea, the overwhelming need for dosh soon changed his mind.

Jack and Jamie had already done a scene together before so I knew that they would be able to take a few new things in stride such as some dildo play. The boys stood up and quickly stripped off their clothes, throwing them all over the floor before sitting next to each other on the bed and jerking themselves off to some straight porn in order to get hard. Continue…

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Jimmy and Tony fuck for Cash

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Jimmy and Tony fuck for cash

Both Jimmy and Tony appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but since they both got bills to pay, they are back to earn some extra cash. Jimmy is one of my favorite straight guys, so I am glad he’s back to do another scene for Broke Straight Boys. The boys sit down on the bed and discuss what kind of porn they like to watch. It’s really cool to see the chemistry between the both of them. They can get along quite well.

While watching porn, both guys stroke their cocks in order to get them hard. Jimmy is such a horny boy, he’s always hard in an instant. He’s got such a nicely shaped thick cock. When Tony is asked to suck off Jimmy’s cock, he leans over and wraps his lips around that thick cock, moving his head up and down. Jimmy soon places his hand on Tony’s head to guide him and push his mouth further over his cock.

Next Tony lays down on the bed, with Jimmy doing some push ups above him. His cock dives into Tony’s mouth with each push up. It’s a very hot position to watch, seeing Jimmy’s balls slapping Tony on the chin as his cock disappears down Tony’s throat. The only thing Tony can do is just lay there and swallow that cock.

When Tony got offered some more cash, he agrees to sit on Jimmy’s cock and ride it. Jimmy is rock hard and Tony has a hard time to impale himself on that hard dick. It takes a little time before he starts riding Jimmy’s cock harder. Then the guys swap  into doggy style, Tony sitting on his hands and knees and Jimmy standing behind him, pounding that perfect little ass.

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Straight boys fuck for money

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straight boys willing to do everything for money

Rocco and Bobby came to the studio for a jerk off video and like all the other guys at Broke Straight Boys, they needed some quick cash. The guys agreed to jerk off sitting next to each other in exchange for 300 dollars each. Since Bobby kissed a guy in one of the previous videos, the director asked him to do it again. Rocco wasn’t into kissing a guy, but an extra 100 dollars changed his mind.

I like it when straight guys kiss. Even though you can see they feel uncomfortable, it’s still hot to watch. The director of Broke Straight Boys is known for pushing these guys beyond their limits and of course the cash help him to get the guys do what he wants.  After some more negotiation, Rocco was willing to try sucking cock for the first time. Bobby has been sucked off by Darren, but said he liked Rocco’s blowjob more.

Bobby has a fairly thick cock and Rocco tried his best to get his mouth around that big cock. He even deepthroated Bobby’s cock for a bit. Very hot, to see a straight guy struggling to swallow a big cock!

It took a whole lot more to get the guys to fuck each other. Bobby said he would never let a guy fuck his ass, but Rocco considered to bottom for Bobby. Bobby got 1000 dollars to fuck Rocco, who got 2250 dollar for taking a dick up his virgin straight hole.

Rocco got down on hands and knees on the bed, while Bobby stood behind him, slowly working his thick cock into Rocco’s virgin ass. Right away, it was clear that Rocco was feeling more pain than pleasure as his body fought to adjust to having a dick deep inside of him even as Bobby gently thrust in and out. To his credit, Bobby was going easy on Rocco, letting Rocco get used to his dick before trying to go harder or faster.

Rocco was moaning in discomfort, jerking himself off as he tried to relax enough to make it easier on himself. As Bobby pumped his hips, he said that Rocco’s ass felt tight, which is something I could certainly believe since it was Rocco’s first time. Mixing things up, Rocco flipped over onto his back, legs spread wide as Bobby slid right back into his tight ass.

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Darren sucks two straight boys

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Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys has a bit of a treat for the members today; Josh, Darren and Jeremy all in the studio together. They have all come into the studio on the promise of $150 each to jerk off next to another guy. The boys had different reasons for turning up today but as all three of them are desperate for dosh, none of them had any hesitation in accepting the offer.

Jeremy, Darren and Josh all stood up and took off their t-shirts, Josh and Jeremy’s paler chests contrasting sharply alongside Darren’s sunburn. A moment later, the boys shorts and boxers hit the ground, closely followed by their socks. With the boys sitting back down, Darren turned on the straight porn and the three of them got busy in getting their cocks hard. It didn’t take long for Jeremy, Josh and Darren to get rock hard as they concentrated on the screen in front of them.

As Jeremy pulled on his dick, I asked if he had ever been sucked off by another guy and when he said no, I offered both Jeremy and Darren $100 if Jeremy let Darren go down on him. Once both boys had their $100 note in their hot, little hands, Darren leaned over and swallowed Jeremy’s dick. His head bobbing up and down, Darren worked the hard cock like a pro, all the while, Jeremy couldn’t decide if he liked the feel of a hot, wet mouth on his cock even if it was another guy.

A few minutes in and I asked Josh if he wanted $100 for Darren to suck his dick and once I gave Josh the $100 note, he was all for it. Darren swooped down and went to town on Josh’s dick even as Josh stared down at Darren sucking on his cock. Darren tried some deep throating, letting the cock slide all the way down the back of his throat which Josh obviously liked as he reached around and started wanking Darren off.

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Teaching a straight boy how to suck cock

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Straight Rent Boys

Ryan is a hot straight boy and today he gets a lesson on how to suck cock! One of Ryan’s friends is an escort and he makes a great living. Ryan wants to make good cash and wants to be rent boy too. Mikey is a hot guy with a big 9 inch cock and he makes perfect practice material for Ryan’s first lesson in cock sucking.

First he teases Ryan and says he’s gonna show him how to take a big cock up his ass – but the first lesson for any rent boy is to get good cock sucking skills. Ryan is a little nervous and when Mikey pulls out his 9 incher, Ryan seems impressed. Like any other straight guy does, Ryan puts his mouth just around the cock head. Mikey teaches him to take the whole cock and sticks his cock deeper in his mouth.

A few times of gagging aside, Ryan does a great job and he finally manages to wrap his mouth around Mikey’s big cock. Mikey delivers a nice load, so it seems Ryan passed his exam 🙂

Download the full video here

Jimmy and Vinnie: foot fucking!

April 28, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Jimmy and Vinnie: foot fucking! 

In just a few weeks time, Vinnie managed to become one of the most favorite boys at Broke Straight Boys. We’re glad to see he came back to the studio to do another shoot. This time he got paired up with Jimmy, who’s got quite a big fanclub too.  This video is a little different than what we are used to, but if you love feet – this is an episode from heaven.

The boys start out on the futton, get naked and make their cocks hard. I love it how these straight guys are always looking at each other’s cocks to compare sizes. Both Vinnie and Jimmy have great cocks and once they are completely rock hard, they are ready for some foot-play. They jerk eachother off with their feet, which is really hot to watch. I love footjobs and seeing two horny boys stroking each other with their feet just makes me crazy.

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Jimmy, Slink and Rocco go gay for pay

April 10, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Jimmy, Slink and Rocco go gay for pay 

Check out our newest recruits: Jimmy who is introduced to Slink and Rocco. Three straight boys who are in need of some cash are brought into the studio and we push them to see how far they will go to make some quick cash! Jimmy refuses to kiss another guy so his friends Slink and Rocco go ahead and try it, before you know it Jimmy is getting a stellar blow-job then fucking Rocco.

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Straight boys in a 3-some

March 9, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Straight boys in a 3-some 

Hot, straight and broke. That describes the average guy at Broke Straight Boys. Diesal and Aaron agreed to do an anal scene to earn some nice cash… but right before the shoot Aaron said he didn’t want to do it, cause he thought Diesal’s dick would be too big. Diesal didn’t want to bottom at all. Eric, who was in the studio for another shoot agreed to join Diesal and Aaron in their shoot and make it a hot jerk off and blowjob 3some.

The guys strip down to show their bodies. It doesn’t take long before their cocks are hard. Soon the guys are all over each other sucking and jerking each other’s big hard dicks. It’s not just Diesal who has a big cock, cause the other boys are pretty hung too. After exchanging blowjobs for a while, the guys jerk off in a race to see who would cum first.

It doesn’t take long before Diesal shoots his load over Eric’s chest. Next is Eric, who shoots his jizz over his own stomach and chest. It takes a little longer before Aaron cums, but when he cums, he shoots a big load. By the end of this hot video, Eric is covered in cum. The boys get $800 each for their great performance!

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