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June 4, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys 

straight boys willing to do everything for money

Rocco and Bobby came to the studio for a jerk off video and like all the other guys at Broke Straight Boys, they needed some quick cash. The guys agreed to jerk off sitting next to each other in exchange for 300 dollars each. Since Bobby kissed a guy in one of the previous videos, the director asked him to do it again. Rocco wasn’t into kissing a guy, but an extra 100 dollars changed his mind.

I like it when straight guys kiss. Even though you can see they feel uncomfortable, it’s still hot to watch. The director of Broke Straight Boys is known for pushing these guys beyond their limits and of course the cash help him to get the guys do what he wants.  After some more negotiation, Rocco was willing to try sucking cock for the first time. Bobby has been sucked off by Darren, but said he liked Rocco’s blowjob more.

Bobby has a fairly thick cock and Rocco tried his best to get his mouth around that big cock. He even deepthroated Bobby’s cock for a bit. Very hot, to see a straight guy struggling to swallow a big cock!

It took a whole lot more to get the guys to fuck each other. Bobby said he would never let a guy fuck his ass, but Rocco considered to bottom for Bobby. Bobby got 1000 dollars to fuck Rocco, who got 2250 dollar for taking a dick up his virgin straight hole.

Rocco got down on hands and knees on the bed, while Bobby stood behind him, slowly working his thick cock into Rocco’s virgin ass. Right away, it was clear that Rocco was feeling more pain than pleasure as his body fought to adjust to having a dick deep inside of him even as Bobby gently thrust in and out. To his credit, Bobby was going easy on Rocco, letting Rocco get used to his dick before trying to go harder or faster.

Rocco was moaning in discomfort, jerking himself off as he tried to relax enough to make it easier on himself. As Bobby pumped his hips, he said that Rocco’s ass felt tight, which is something I could certainly believe since it was Rocco’s first time. Mixing things up, Rocco flipped over onto his back, legs spread wide as Bobby slid right back into his tight ass.

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