Darren sucks two straight boys

May 27, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys 

Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys has a bit of a treat for the members today; Josh, Darren and Jeremy all in the studio together. They have all come into the studio on the promise of $150 each to jerk off next to another guy. The boys had different reasons for turning up today but as all three of them are desperate for dosh, none of them had any hesitation in accepting the offer.

Jeremy, Darren and Josh all stood up and took off their t-shirts, Josh and Jeremy’s paler chests contrasting sharply alongside Darren’s sunburn. A moment later, the boys shorts and boxers hit the ground, closely followed by their socks. With the boys sitting back down, Darren turned on the straight porn and the three of them got busy in getting their cocks hard. It didn’t take long for Jeremy, Josh and Darren to get rock hard as they concentrated on the screen in front of them.

As Jeremy pulled on his dick, I asked if he had ever been sucked off by another guy and when he said no, I offered both Jeremy and Darren $100 if Jeremy let Darren go down on him. Once both boys had their $100 note in their hot, little hands, Darren leaned over and swallowed Jeremy’s dick. His head bobbing up and down, Darren worked the hard cock like a pro, all the while, Jeremy couldn’t decide if he liked the feel of a hot, wet mouth on his cock even if it was another guy.

A few minutes in and I asked Josh if he wanted $100 for Darren to suck his dick and once I gave Josh the $100 note, he was all for it. Darren swooped down and went to town on Josh’s dick even as Josh stared down at Darren sucking on his cock. Darren tried some deep throating, letting the cock slide all the way down the back of his throat which Josh obviously liked as he reached around and started wanking Darren off.

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