Jimmy and Tony fuck for Cash

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Jimmy and Tony fuck for cash

Both Jimmy and Tony appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but since they both got bills to pay, they are back to earn some extra cash. Jimmy is one of my favorite straight guys, so I am glad he’s back to do another scene for Broke Straight Boys. The boys sit down on the bed and discuss what kind of porn they like to watch. It’s really cool to see the chemistry between the both of them. They can get along quite well.

While watching porn, both guys stroke their cocks in order to get them hard. Jimmy is such a horny boy, he’s always hard in an instant. He’s got such a nicely shaped thick cock. When Tony is asked to suck off Jimmy’s cock, he leans over and wraps his lips around that thick cock, moving his head up and down. Jimmy soon places his hand on Tony’s head to guide him and push his mouth further over his cock.

Next Tony lays down on the bed, with Jimmy doing some push ups above him. His cock dives into Tony’s mouth with each push up. It’s a very hot position to watch, seeing Jimmy’s balls slapping Tony on the chin as his cock disappears down Tony’s throat. The only thing Tony can do is just lay there and swallow that cock.

When Tony got offered some more cash, he agrees to sit on Jimmy’s cock and ride it. Jimmy is rock hard and Tony has a hard time to impale himself on that hard dick. It takes a little time before he starts riding Jimmy’s cock harder. Then the guys swap  into doggy style, Tony sitting on his hands and knees and Jimmy standing behind him, pounding that perfect little ass.

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Jimmy, Slink and Rocco go gay for pay

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Check out our newest recruits: Jimmy who is introduced to Slink and Rocco. Three straight boys who are in need of some cash are brought into the studio and we push them to see how far they will go to make some quick cash! Jimmy refuses to kiss another guy so his friends Slink and Rocco go ahead and try it, before you know it Jimmy is getting a stellar blow-job then fucking Rocco.

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Two straight cousins fuck

April 25, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys · Comments Off on Two straight cousins fuck 

Here’s a bit of a controversial shoot at Broke Straight Boys. Mike and Anthony who are cousins, both appeared on Broke Straight Boys before, but this time they’ve landed on the couch at the same time, for the same shoot. Both guys are straight and needed some quick cash, so they agreed to do the shoot with eachother.

The guys agreed that Mike would be the top and he was going to fuck Anthony’s ass. The guys over at Broke Straight Boys wanted to see some kissing, cock-sucking and ass-eating as well… and so the cousins did! Although it felt a bit weird as first, the guys got really comfortable with eachother and it turned out to be a great movie!

We hope both guys will return to the Broke Straight Boys studio soon… and our wish is to see Mike getting fucked by Anthony! Please… 🙂




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