Pheonix raw-fucks Ceasar Ventura & Sean Harding

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Pheonix Fellington in More Cock For Me

Hung stud Pheonix Fellington is alone in his Big Dick Lair playing with his huge cock through is pants as he awaits Ceasar Ventura and Sean Harding. When they arrive, they waist no time and drop to their knees and start sharing Pheonix’s big cock as they eagerly suck him. Pheonix gets off on seeing the two of them almost fight over his big cock. He then has them bend over and he takes turns rimming their asses back and forth.

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Well hung bald stud Drake Jaden fucks Sean Duran

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Drake Jaden fucks Sean Duran

This week’s Extra Big Dicks scene starts with Sean Duran and Drake Jaden looking through a magazine commenting on porn stars, when Sean comments on a hot ass. “I’ve been told I have a hot ass” Drake grins. Sean’s not gonna miss out on the opportunity as he asks Drake to prove it. Drake stands up and pulls down his jeans showing off that ass framed in a tight jock strap. Sean gets on his knees and dives in face first as his tongue slides inside that ass.

Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his huge cock strain for release. He pulls down his jeans and lays back to let Sean have some dick. Sean immediately dives for it sucking that cock all the way to the hilt. He slobbers on that fat meat as Drake bobs his head up and down on it. Sean loves that thick meat but his own meat’s feeling left out.

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Big gay cocks: Tommy Defendi fucks Marxel Rios

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Tommy Defendi fucks Marxel Rios

When it comes to big gay cocks in hardcore porn no site really does it like Extra Big Dicks. They have so many horny and hung guys appearing in their videos that it’s a hung cock lovers dream!

And if you’re into seeing big gay cocks being sucked and taken up a hot hole like I am the name Tommy Defendi should be on your list too. This dudes fuckmeat is so tasty and thick, long and throbbing, no horny bottom could deny it a ride, and Marxel Rios is one of those guys who can handle such a mammoth slab of dick too!

This video starts off with hung Tommy in the shower, calling out for his roommate to bring him some soap. That’s not all Marxel brings into the bathroom, showing off the outline of his hard cock in his pants.

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Taking hung uncut cock – Van Wilder fucks Tony Rokk

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Van Wilder fucks Tony Rokk

I wouldn’t say that I’m a size queen when it comes to dick, but I cannot deny that the sight of a hung uncut cock like the one Van Wilder is sporting in this duo is enough to make my ass ache for a banging!

This dude has the kind of cock I could worship for hours, and I would gladly bend over to take that thing if he wanted me to.

He’s stopping by for a solo cock stroking session in this video, horny and eager to bust a nutt from his hung uncut cock. He sits back and releases his immense meat, hard and covered in veins. The foreskin slides back as he slowly starts to stroke, and then the best thing in the world happens…

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Evin Brampton fucks Trey Turner

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Extra Big Dicks

Trey Turner is back on and looking better than ever. He’s excited to help us welcome newcomer Evin Brampton. Trey walks in with some coffee for Evin to help him wake up but finds that certain parts of Evin are “up” bright and early as Evin strokes his morning wood. Trey brought in coffee but scores breakfast as he goes south to sample Evin’s thick sausage.

He savors every inch of that thick cock as Evin watches him service that meat. Trey opens wide as Evin shoves it in deep making him gag on it. Trey is rock hard as Evin gets on his knees to explore what he has to offer. Evin sucks on his cock as he strokes it making Trey moan with pleasure. The chemistry between these two is obvious as they take turns sucking each other’s cocks.

Evin then gets Trey on his back as he slides his thick uncut cock inside him missionary. “You like my ass?” Trey moans as Evin pounds him hard. Evin grabs Trey’s throbbing cock as he start to jerk him off as he impales him. Evin t! hen gets Trey up and bends him over to fuck that sweet ass doggy style.

“Pound my ass!” Trey orders as Evin grabs that tight waist of his and rails him harder. He starts to fuck that ass as he pile drives it home. Trey is jacking his cock faster as Evin pounds him deeper. He can’t hold his load for long as he shoots all over his own chest as his cock hangs above his head. Evin then sits back and pops his own nut all over his smooth abs and chest.

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Sean XL fucks Steven Ponce

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Black men at Extra Big Dicks

Steven Ponce is back this week on and is gonna help us welcome a new face to the site Mr. Sean XL. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot & heavy. Sean kisses his way south along Steven’s chest as he pulls off his shorts. He takes care of Steven’s throbbing meat for a while before he wants some in return.

Steven gets on his knees as Sean stands up and hauls out his massive meat. Steven struggles as he tries to take it all in his mouth. Sean’s huge cock is growing by the second and is soon at full mast. Steven can’t get enough of that 9″ cock as Sean starts to fuck his face with it.Sean then gets Steven on his back so he can get a taste of that smooth ass he will soon own. Steven moans and begs for more as Sean tongue fucks his sweet ass.

Once that hot ass is nice and wet, Sean suits up and sits back. Steven straddles him and sits on it. “You’re big!” is all Steven can say as he gets his tight hole stretched wide. Steven then gets on all four as he bends over the couch. His hot ass is up in the air and ready for more as Sean slides his chocolate dick back inside.

His balls slap away at that hot ass as he picks up the pace pounding Steven’s hot ass even harder. From there he gets Steven on his back and gets right back in that hole missionary. Steven can’t hold back any longer as he explodes all over his chest and abs. Sean in right behind him as he too pulls out and coats Steven’s cum-covered body.

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Chasen Hart fucks Jason St.James

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Extra Big Dicks bring Chasen Hart and Jason St.James together for a super hot, explosive fuck scene. Chasen is quick to remove his clothes and Jason can’t wait to get his hands on Chasen’s junk. He grabs Chasen’s cock that is already rock hard.

He undoes Chasen’s shorts and opens wide shoving as much of Chasen’s 9” cock into his mouth. Chasen moans as he watches Jason make everything better as his cock disappears into that hungry mouth. Chasen then gets up and strips giving Jason better access to his cock as he starts to fuck his face with it.

Back on the couch, Chasen leans forward and starts to explore the hot ass he’s about to own while Jason is still latched onto that meat of his. Chasen then slides on a Magnum and sits back to let Jason figure out how to get that thick dick in. Jason sits on that cock in a reverse cowgirl as it slowly starts to enter.

Jason starts to bounce up and down on that rigid meat as Chasen helps bounce him on his dick. Chasen switches it up getting Jason on the floor so he can fuck him doggy style. Jason moans turn to whimpers now that Chasen has full control and can shove that unforgiving cock as deep as he wants to.

He fucks that ass harder and deeper sending James over the edge. He shoots all over himself while Chasen feeds that hole more dick. Chasen then pulls his cock out and blasts his own nut, spraying ALL over one cum-drenched Jason.

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Dominic strokes his massive cock

April 1, 2010 · Posted in Extra Big Dicks · Comments Off on Dominic strokes his massive cock 

We’ve got Dominic back at Extra Big Dicks! Dominic begins his own episode of Dominic Pacifico “Unplugged”. His hands begin to roam over his defined frame. He slides his shorts off and we see that thick cock of his straining against his briefs that are just barely containing all he has to offer. He strokes and tugs at that thick meat through his underwear as it throbs, aching to be set free.

Dominic then stands on the chaise and continues to tease his dick. He finally pulls his briefs down and gives his dick the breathing room it needs. It is rock hard and Dominic begins to give it the attention it requires. He bends over on the chaise and starts to finger himself. He licks his fingers before shoving them deep inside this tight ass. He stares right at you knowing very well you have other plans for that ass that don’t involve his fingers!

Dominic then sits back on the futon as he lubes and strokes his cock which by now is at full mast. He lifts his muscular legs in the air as his fingers find that sweet ass of his. He fingers himself a bit while jacking his engorged member. He tugs on his balls and pulls them away from his cock with one hand while burying more fingers inside that hungry hole. He grabs his thick meat at the base and squeezes it hard between strokes.

Soon he’s breathing heavier and then mutters under his breath, “I’m ready to bust” as his pecs and abs begin to tense and flex. Dominic then grabs his massive dick and starts to jack it off with both hands on deck. Soon he’s double fisting out a massive load that splatters up all over his heaving chest and coats his abs and furry happy trail.

Check out Extra Big Dicks and watch Dominic Pacifico in this full length jerk-off movie!

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