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Pheonix raw-fucks Ceasar Ventura & Sean Harding

December 20, 2018 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios · Comments Off on Pheonix raw-fucks Ceasar Ventura & Sean Harding 

Pheonix Fellington in More Cock For Me

Hung stud Pheonix Fellington is alone in his Big Dick Lair playing with his huge cock through is pants as he awaits Ceasar Ventura and Sean Harding. When they arrive, they waist no time and drop to their knees and start sharing Pheonix’s big cock as they eagerly suck him. Pheonix gets off on seeing the two of them almost fight over his big cock. He then has them bend over and he takes turns rimming their asses back and forth.

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Big boys Cooker and Feliz

August 3, 2009 · Posted in Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios · Comments Off on Big boys Cooker and Feliz 

Someone’s in the kitchen again and we have a feeling they’re gonna be preparing a delightful ‘dish’ that will make more than one lucky guy very happy. This master chef we’re referring to is none other than our very own Cooker Stevens. Cooker, for those of you who aren’t familiar with this culinary dream packing a 9” juice infuser, what a visual came to us several years now as a str8 boy willing to jack it for some rent money. A word from our sponsors later and Cooker isn’t afraid to try much of anything.

He’s even discovered that getting a big dick shoved in his hole feels as good as when he gets to shove his inside his girlfriends back home. It’s made him a better lover. We love the way he thinks. You gotta know how it feels to take it before you can give it. Speaking of ‘taking it’ we have Cooker’s costar whom we plan on making very happy. This happy 21yo from West coast FL goes by the name of Feliz Andrews.

Feliz has managed to handle some of the largest studs we’ve had and he’s handled them all like a champ. Feliz is charming and is usually attracted to older men and obviously if they’re hung he won’t be mad at them. Feliz is going to get his chance to sample the skills of this now self-proclaimed “bi” boy has to offer.

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Brad Benton and James Hamilton

March 28, 2009 · Posted in Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios · Comments Off on Brad Benton and James Hamilton 

We hope you guys are hungry this week because we’ve brought together two recent finds who just happen to be two huge horn dogs. Exhibit A: One James Hamilton: 22yo; hung, fortunately no longer in Kansas (apparently ditched Toto in a backroom somewhere); motto: “If it feels good —Do it!” and by “do it” we’re pretty sure he means “fuck it”.

Yeah this horny Kansas boy will fuck anything with only one qualification. After all, he needs some standards doesn’t he?…Don’t go there. “They have to be hot!” he grins as he confesses he is an equal opportunity fuck—Male, female—it’s all good. Nodding his head in agreement is the second half of our all the dick you can take update, Mr. Brad Benton—or “Exhibit B”. Georgia native; 29yo, also very hung and a self-described “dirty boy”, Brad is grinning as he chimes in with his brand of moral mojo. “Yeah they just gotta be hot. Not a pillow with a strap on” he laughs.

Fortunately we’re not that kind of site. Together these 2 boys pack enough meat to choke a small horse. More than likely a horsy from out West; since many of the Miami locals have no gag reflex.

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Robert Long and Nick Cross

February 28, 2009 · Posted in Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios · Comments Off on Robert Long and Nick Cross 

We have a special treat this week for those of you who have grown rather fond of Miami local, Robert Long. Robert was last here just before thanksgiving when one Kameron Scott has plenty to be thankful for. Kameron got stuffed for his holiday by 2 extra big dicks and the turkey was not having it!

Robert’s been beefing up at the gym and has also become a real “papi” since we met him. Now that she’s 6mo old, he and the ol’ lady are back to fuckin regular. Robert is basically str8, but he can never get enough pussy. So, on occasion he knows that a horny friend of Ben Dover is always a welcome friend to Robert Long. Fortunately for Robert, Mr. Ben Dover sent over such a friend. His name is Nick Cross.

Nick is 20 and originally from Cuba. He’s been here in the states for the past 8 yrs and loves all that Miami has to offer. He admits he is attracted to (some) women; but currently he’s engaged to a guy he’s been seeing almost a year. Nick laughs when he admits that his family knows and is ok with what he does, but that his beau is probably at home pulling his hair wondering exactly what he’s up to.

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Dominic and Gio

November 19, 2008 · Posted in Extra Big Dicks, Pride Studios · Comments Off on Dominic and Gio 

Dominic appreciates a man that takes care of his body; but a great sense of humor and having something to say scores points with this Renaissance man as well. He’s versatile and likes to explore new things. He got an early start and has since perfected his craft. Today we plan on seeing just what this smooth, defined love toy can do. Dominic brought along a friend today. Gio Sumers is 19, single and cute as all hell. At 5’8” with a lean 117 lb. frame, this Chicago native is down in Florida enjoying the weather.

Both of the guys are well hung. The boys are getting nasty with some 69 cocksucking with Dominic at the bottom. After the sucking and ass rimming, the guys finish with some great cum shots. Dominic shoots his big creamy load allover his abs, while Gio jerks off to shoot his load way up high. I hope Extra Big Dicks will bring us more of Dominic and Gio as it would be very hot to see these guys in a hot fuck.

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