Hot power fuck with Jack and Brez

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hot power fuck with Jack and Brez

Brez looks quite comfortable leant up in to Jack at the start of the film, but things quickly move on and soon Brez and Jack are pulling one another out of their clothes. Brez goes to town on sucking Jack’s thick uncut cock hard and Jack then stands up to get a more thorough blow job!

But it’s not long before these two guys feast on each other in one very hot 69 – Jack stands above Brez and feeds him his cock, then leans over and masterfully swallows all of Brez’s impressive length (and girth!)

With Brez’s cock still buried deep inside Jacks mouth, Brez asks to get rimmed and man, Jack loves to rim just about as much as he loves to fuck! He starts to feast on that ass and pulls Brez’s cheeks apart so that he can really dig his tongue in deep… and then it’s time to fuck!

Jack’s feeling rampant today and Brez gets it first in Doggy, then flat on his stomach where Jack makes the most of the fully submissive position! Then it’s a bit of spooning before Jack fucks Brez’s ass with his legs in the air… this is just too much for Brez who shoots a lovely thick load… and then he gets a nice facial from Jack and licks his dick clean.

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Jason fucks a near virgin ass

April 1, 2011 · Posted in Next Door Twink, trial membership · Comments Off on Jason fucks a near virgin ass 

Jason North stopped over at Cameron Sharp’s place to see his Cameron’s new tattoo.  It’s Chinese characters that say the name of Cameron’s favorite hip hop artist, Nicky M.  Jason loves it.  In fact, he finds it sexy.  So sexy, Jason wants to see a lot more of Cameron’s body.

As these two hot, supple Twink boys chat lightly, the sexual tension sits in the room like dense fog.  When a lull in the conversation allows Cameron to act on his impulses, Jason soon finds himself bobbing on Cameron’s hard dick, loving every inch.  After Cameron returns the favor by sucking Jason’s thick knob, Jason tries sliding his cock into Cameron’s near-virgin asshole.

Since Cameron’s only had sex twice before, Jason’s being gentle with his eager boner as he eases it into Cameron’s super tight ass.  See how much of this dick Cameron can handle as these two incredibly cute guys have a LOT of fun!

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Eric Pryor fucks Max London

January 18, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Randy Blue · Comments Off on Eric Pryor fucks Max London 

Eric Pryor and Max London fill the room with electricity. Each one has his own distinct look. Eric, with his smooth muscular jock body, looking like he just walked out of the gym after a nice long workout. And Max, who’s sexy red hair, from his head to his fiery red pubes, and big hard muscle are enough to make anyone swoon. Both have proven that their sexual prowess can totally dominate any scene.

Putting them both together was like lighting a campfire after adding too much lighter fluid. It was almost too hot to handle and you’ll love every second of it. The two of them in a steamy 69, engulfing each other’s rock hard dripping cocks as deep as they could go, is hot enough, but you know when Max gets his rock hard dick ready for some fucking you better step aside and let him get to work.

Everyone knows of Eric’s impressive bottoming skills so it’s no wonder he scoffed when Max claimed he was going to ‘bust his cherry’. Well, this is one cherry that reaches out and busts you. So Max wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting himself into, but by the sounds of his deep guttural moaning and the load he shoots all over Eric’s smooth bubble butt, he was well taken care of.

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Jim and Joey for FreshmanX

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Jim and Joey love cock! They take turns sucking down as much cock as they can handle, and even do a hot 69! Joey especially loves to rim it and suck on it, so he gets down on all 4’s and takes Jim’s cock up the ass! Jim plows it into him long and hard, making Joey moan in pleasure! Joey takes it like a man and gets fucked in assorted positions! He then gets showered with Jim’s splooge while jacking himself off!

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Adam and Jed suck and fuck

May 13, 2009 · Posted in Blake Mason · Comments Off on Adam and Jed suck and fuck 

Well, this pairing may not come as a surprise to those that frequent the forum – it was asked for there and so how could I possibly say “no” to such an excellent suggestion? And yes, I did leak the fact that it was in the can and since then the recorded tapes have been burning a hole in the desk!

Too hot to delay any further, we thought it was about time this horny marathon fuck was released for all to enjoy… let’s hope you guys have as much fun watching it as they did making it!

Jed leans in for the first kiss and they strip themselves of jeans and boxers within minutes, both keen to touch and explore each other’s hot bods! Jed is the first to taste cock and he devours Adam’s delicious dick with passion.

Switching roles, Adam’s experienced and hungry mouth roams from uncut cock to mouth, then to Jed’s sweet ring. He tickles that eager hole with his tongue, then slowly enters pushing it just inside! Oh, and somewhere in the middle the guys enjoy a fantastic 69.

With both guys more than ready to fuck, Jed stands and Adam enters from behind… and he’s soon thrusting his meat in and out with abandon! They make their way back to the bed and Adam ploughs his fat cock deeper inside Jed.

They change position again so they can face, kiss and watch each other and the added intensity puts Jed into a world of ecstasy! He’s the first to send his jizz flying while his ass is filled with cock and Adam quickly follows with his own spectacular load.

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Ty Carver fucks Dean Carter

March 12, 2009 · Posted in College Dudes 24/7 · Comments Off on Ty Carver fucks Dean Carter 


Ty Carver has a huge schlong, and Dean is willing to try to take every inch of it in this sexy smoking scene with two very hot dudes! After some serious foreplay, cock sucking, rimming and 69 action, Ty drills Dean with all 9 inches, and even though Dean has a tight sweet hole, he ends up taking it like a champ until he blows his wad all over himself!

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John Stone and Jesse Balboa

February 23, 2009 · Posted in MenOver30 · Comments Off on John Stone and Jesse Balboa 

Yes, this week at MenOver30 we’re bringing you a healthy dose of “Lust”. Not just any Lust, but Latin Lust! Let’s face it, they call Latinos “caliente” for a reason. Last week we introduced you to Peruvian Papi, Jessie Balboa. Well we couldn’t wait to bring him back and this being such a passionate week, we decided to bring Jessie right back. Jessie was extremely pleased that we brought him back and paired him up with this week’s debut hottie, Mr. John Stone. John Stone…

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Ransom and Silas

December 5, 2008 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Ransom and Silas 

When both Silas and Ransom mentioned they would be keen on doing a video without condoms, I jumped at the chance to get these two hot guys together. All three of us were bound and determined to make it the best raw video on the site.

As usual, Silas is the best bottom. (I really need to get him back to topping, his dick is always ready to fuck too!), and Ransom was eager to FINALLY show off his topping skills.

The two of them just basically go at it. Silas shows off a little of Ransom’s ass, as he does a bit of rimming that allows some camera views. This got Ransom hard enough to do some fucking.

Some pretty awesome close-ups of the condom-free fucking, and there there is even just a bit of breeding at the end as Ransom teases Silas’s hole with his cum soaked cock!

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