Issac Jones takes big straight cock from Paddy O’Brian

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Paddy O'Brian fucks Issac Jones

There are some guys in the hardcore gay porn business that get my cock really throbbing. The first time I ever say Paddy O’Brian and his big straight cock in his very first solo jerk off shoot I was so desperately hoping we’d see him back for more.

This gorgeous London lad has really taken to the hardcore gay porn world though, and since that nervous jerk off he’s become an amazingly popular hunk!

He’s now appearing over at – the mega site covering all kinds of hardcore action, and he’s fucking the awesome Issac Jones for this one too (drool).

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Eric Pryor fucks Max London

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Eric Pryor and Max London fill the room with electricity. Each one has his own distinct look. Eric, with his smooth muscular jock body, looking like he just walked out of the gym after a nice long workout. And Max, who’s sexy red hair, from his head to his fiery red pubes, and big hard muscle are enough to make anyone swoon. Both have proven that their sexual prowess can totally dominate any scene.

Putting them both together was like lighting a campfire after adding too much lighter fluid. It was almost too hot to handle and you’ll love every second of it. The two of them in a steamy 69, engulfing each other’s rock hard dripping cocks as deep as they could go, is hot enough, but you know when Max gets his rock hard dick ready for some fucking you better step aside and let him get to work.

Everyone knows of Eric’s impressive bottoming skills so it’s no wonder he scoffed when Max claimed he was going to ‘bust his cherry’. Well, this is one cherry that reaches out and busts you. So Max wasn’t sure exactly what he was getting himself into, but by the sounds of his deep guttural moaning and the load he shoots all over Eric’s smooth bubble butt, he was well taken care of.

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Medical check-up with a messy ending

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Today in the exam room I meet Keith. Keith is a typical college freshmen that is trying out for the baseball team. Although he looks older, he’s 18 years old. He is 6 foot tall and fit and weighs 153lbs which is perfect for playing baseball. I had him stand and had him remove his undies and check for hernias. I love this part of the exam so I can check out the hot boys cocks and I get the chance of fondling them and feeling their cocks.

I figured the next phase of the exam would definitely make him hard. After the “cough” test, I had Keith lay down on the exam table and I thoroughly started examining his penis. Keith started getting hard and his dick grew in my hands and I can feel his penis start to throb and grow. I took it upon myself to stroke his cock and get him harder and his dick grew to about 6 inches in length. He didn’t have the biggest dick I have seen but he did have a really nice cock and it got hard and stayed hard which is a very good sign that Keith doesn’t have any issue’s with his genitals.

I decided to give him a prostrate check and I lubed my index finger and slipped my finger into his tight hole. Keith had a really tight hole and it took me a while just to get my finger inside. Once inside I felt and massaged his prostate and to my amazement, Keith stayed hard. As I had my finger in his anus and massage and pressing his prostrate,I gently stroked his cock. There are time when guys blow there load at this point but I wanted to see how long will it take and let him enjoy this part of the exam.

Keith was really getting into having his genitals teased and played with as he was moaning and groaning. I had him take over jerking himself as I checked his heart beat and his vitals to make sure he didn’t have a heart condition. With all his breathing and blood pumping throughout his body, I wanted to double check to make sure he can handle all this stress before passing him to play baseball. I made him more comfortable and he took over stroking his cock as I was checking him over.

I watched as his body tensed up as he was beating his cock. His stomach tighten and I knew he was about to blow his load. His cock expanded and I watched as cum started bursting out of his swollen cock as every last drop of cum was released from his cock landing onto his tummy.

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