Phenix Saint slams Mark Dylan’s jock ass

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Phenix Saint fucks Marc Dylan

Oh man, I’ve been a Phenix Saint fan for so many years, and he has never looked hotter in my opinion. I recall seeing this hunk of manly muscle way back when he was a young man, slim and with that big thick cock swinging about, nervously jacking himself off for the cameras.

He’s definitely come a long way since those first solo videos, but now it’s almost time to say goodbye as he recently announced his retirement from the hardcore gay porn business. I know, it almost makes you want to cry! But at least we get to see him in this hardcore ass slamming video!

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Phenix Saint fucks Christopher Daniels

February 3, 2012 · Posted in 1 dollar trials,, The Gay Office · Comments Off on Phenix Saint fucks Christopher Daniels 


Phenix Saint is at a job interview for a position that, according to his resume, he is clearly unqualified for. Christopher Daniels would like to hire Phenix, but first he is going to have to show how committed he is by eating out a qualified ass and sucking on qualified cock.

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