Three straight guys fuck bareback

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Three straight guys fuck bareback 

Darius, Eli and Solomon

I know that a whole lot of you might be wondering just how straight these dudes are when you see the straight guys fuck. You’d have thought that guys into stroking and sucking cock like this might have decided that they were actually bisexual, but who are we to judge?

These three guys are all about getting off, and earning money doing it too. Of course, putting on a good show for the fans is a real priority, but none of these guys can deny that having your cock sucked by another dude is not worth swallowing some dick too.

I guess all three straight guys have learned how to appreciate the pleasure and enjoy those cocks as if they were their own they were pleasuring. And although all three started off completely inexperienced when they arrived on the site they are definitely well educated in the art of sucking and fucking!

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Fraternity X: Cock Hole

September 3, 2011 · Posted in FraternityX · Comments Off on Fraternity X: Cock Hole 

Dorm room gay sex parties

After taking some verbal abuse from the boys, Jake is forced onto his knees. With a cock in each hole this dick hungry slut is tag teamed by myself (I’m Angelo) and Anthony. This is pretty much the norm in our frat house. We smoke a bowl, talk some shit and then some frathouse bitch ends up getting plowed in both holes. There is no bigger frat bitch than Jake. Even though he won’t admit it, he denitely loves making these vids.

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Beau, Hudson & Zeph

November 10, 2007 · Posted in Chaosmen, Previews · Comments Off on Beau, Hudson & Zeph 

Tagteam Chaosmen

This video started out as a duo with just Beau and Zeph. I worked with Hudson the day before, and he was real keen on doing another scene so he could pay rent. Neither Beau or Zeph had any problems, so I tossed the ‘lil guy in there to see how he did.

Now we all know Beau can take it, and Zeph’s cock is a classic porn dick, so I knew they would get along, but adding Hudson in without seeing him work before was risky. Thankfully it paid off. The two guys worshiped Zeph’s cock (as it should be!) and even keep each other going

Tagteam Chaosmen

I love watching Beau get pounded while having to suck cock, all the while Zeph is pushing Hudson’s face on to Beau’s big uncut dick. Near the end, Hudson fucks Beau, mainly cause Beau wanted to have Zeph’s dick in his face while getting pounded.

Beau has on occassion mentioned he wantes to get gang fucked and have all the guys bust all over his face, but I have never been able to wrangle 5 guys to do it. For the big finale, both guys bust almost simultaneously all over Beau’s face and mouth, and it’s literally bubbling out of his mouth! Within 30 seconds, Beau is busting right along side.

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