Straight guys fucking – bareback!

May 26, 2012 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Straight guys fucking – bareback! 

Heath barebacks Chip

It’s always gonna be hot to see two straight guys fucking some ass and really getting off hard on each other, but when that fucking is bareback too it’s even hotter for me!

I’ve been a fan of both these straight guys on the Chaosmen site, and I’ve watched them both go from jerking off in solo videos to getting their cocks sucked by a guy for the first time, sucking dick themselves, and fucking too. It’s been pretty amazing to see Chip (our bottom dude) learning how horny he is for cock action in his time on the site!

Watch the full bareback video at Chaosmen

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Three straight guys fuck bareback

March 20, 2012 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Three straight guys fuck bareback 

Darius, Eli and Solomon

I know that a whole lot of you might be wondering just how straight these dudes are when you see the straight guys fuck. You’d have thought that guys into stroking and sucking cock like this might have decided that they were actually bisexual, but who are we to judge?

These three guys are all about getting off, and earning money doing it too. Of course, putting on a good show for the fans is a real priority, but none of these guys can deny that having your cock sucked by another dude is not worth swallowing some dick too.

I guess all three straight guys have learned how to appreciate the pleasure and enjoy those cocks as if they were their own they were pleasuring. And although all three started off completely inexperienced when they arrived on the site they are definitely well educated in the art of sucking and fucking!

Watch the full bareback scene at Chaosmen

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Aiden barebacks Ace

May 21, 2011 · Posted in Helix Studios, Hot Studs · Comments Off on Aiden barebacks Ace 

Hot Studs by Helix Studios

Ace Lockheart dabbles in bareback in this raw sex scene. Aiden Mychals returns to give the fresh young twink his first on screen bare cock. Little ¬†Ace has a big boy hard-on, and Aiden loves getting every inch of it down his throat. Aiden then gets a taste of tight boy ass as he rims Ace’s hole.

Once the twinks’s hungry pucker is nice and wet, Aiden plunges his this raw cock in and the bareback skin slapping begins. Little Ace boy gets a good hard fuck and a nice shot of cum up his rear to satisfy his raw desires.

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Ian fucks Van bareback

April 17, 2010 · Posted in Chaosmen · 1 Comment 

Van is back to get fucked, and Ian re-appears after a long absence to finally work with a dude full-on. After debating doing gay porn for almost a year, Ian decided he was willing to fuck, suck and get fucked. He was down for it all!
So I was little unsure about this video. He was pretty uptight during his Serviced video. I also know that Van struggles to stay hard while getting fucked, despite me telling him over and over to stroke himself while getting fucked – that he could get some real enjoyment. Instead I feel like he just puts his head down and “takes it.”

Meanwhile, Ian showed that he was no longer going to be all stiff and quiet and really ramped-up his showmanship! Well, he was stiff, but in all the right places! I don’t think his dick drooped once during the entire shoot.

The two even get in a cool standing position while they fuck. Very challenging, but Ian delivers a hot steamy cream pie all over Van’s hole, wiping his cockhead all around then shoving what was left of his load in. We switch gears as Ian needed a breather, so we get Van to cum all over Ian’s cock.

Check out Chaosmen and watch Ian and Van fucking bareback in the full length video.

Hayden and Shaun in a RAW fuck

April 6, 2010 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Hayden and Shaun in a RAW fuck 

When Hayden and Shaun both showed up to do solos about the same time, I immediately thought these two would look great together. Both guys were a little reserved on their first couple of tries, so I waited for them both to get a little experience under their belts.

Hayden was reluctant to suck cock in his first videos, and you can tell by this video that he is not only comfortable but also stays hard while doing it. And Shaun has certainly gotten into being a bottom. He stays rock hard too and blisses out while being fucked.

We worked again on getting Shaun used to being fucked while he came. Hayden does his best to fuck him until he does, but I think he got a little wobbly. Regardless, Shaun unloads a massive amount of DNA. Hayden ramps up again and fucks poor comatose Shaun until he got close and nuts all over his hole, shoving his cum-covered cock in and out!

Read our Chaosmen review or check out Chaosmen and watch Hayden and Shaun fucking bareback in the full length video.

Hayden fucks Sebastian RAW

December 1, 2009 · Posted in Chaosmen · Comments Off on Hayden fucks Sebastian RAW 

Hayden said he would come back and fuck a dude. The day the shoot rolls around, the three of us discuss everything that everyone will be doing, but when it came to the oral portion, Hayden blanches at the notion of sucking dick.

I was thinking, “Great, we are off to a bad start.” But Sebastian put him at ease, and didn’t act offended that he wouldn’t be getting his dick sucked. I did tell Hayden he had to at least try to keep Sebastian hard. Which is not challenging. Sebastian is one of my ringers who stays hard even while being pounded. No reciprocal cock-sucking aside, Hayden did amazing!

You can tell he is more mature than other models. He KNOWS how to fuck and the slight curve of his dick gives us lots of great views of his cock in action. Even though I was disapointed that I wouldn’t be seeing a cock in Hayden’s handsome face, I was thrilled at the ending of this video!

In between me moving around with the camera while filming Sebastian getting fucked doggy-style, he said that the thought he could actually cum that way. Actually I was underneath the two of them and you could see he was jacking his dick furiously. I quickly jumped up and came around the front cuz I knew he would nut on the bed.

So we had Hayden slow down on the fucking and I will be damned if Sebastian nutted while getting fucked! Hayden didn’t know what to think! Should he stop fucking or keep going? He paused for a moment and I asked him if he could cum while fucking Sebastian, and he said, “I have been trying not to cum the entire time I have been fucking!”

I asked Sebastian if it was ok, if Hayden fucked him some more and I think Sebastian was still in a fog (or numb!), and said sure. Almost instantly Hayden ramps up, pulls, out and cums all over Sebastian’s hole, then shoves it back in! It was PERFECT! Creampie! Sweet!

It’s a perfect cumshot for both of them, and despite Hayden’s initial worries about sucking dick, this video was super smooth and easy to shoot, and was a dream to edit. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this ending if you love creampie or breeding action!

Read our Chaosmen review first or check out Chaosmen and watch Hayden and Sebastian fucking in this full length movie.


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