Dale Cooper gets his ass fucked by muscle hunk Colby Keller

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Colby Keller fucks Dale Cooper

Part I of “A Thing of Beauty” introduces us to Colby Keller and Dale Cooper — two men who share a unique chemistry with each other both on and off camera. Hand in hand, they explore a tropical oasis, joking around on the beach, swimming, laughing, while the Walt Whitman poem, “We Two Boys Together Clinging,” perfectly illustrates their friendship and bond over 100 years after it was written. This is paradise, firmly contrasted with the grunge and grime of the loud, dark, and dirty city — the daily grind.

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Muscle hunks Derek Atlas and Jake Andrews fuck

November 9, 2012 · Posted in Randy Blue · Comments Off on Muscle hunks Derek Atlas and Jake Andrews fuck 

Derek Atlas fucks Jake Andrews

Jake Andrews is hanging out in the park when a hunky, muscular Derek Atlas walks past. What else could Jake do when he gazes upon one of the hottest musclemen around. Of course he follows him. Derek gets one look at that huge cock Jake has busting through his briefs and needs to wrap his sexy lips around it.

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William fucks Dereck at Maskurbate

May 7, 2011 · Posted in Maskurbate · Comments Off on William fucks Dereck at Maskurbate 

Maskurbate members have asked for months to get those two together: Dereck  and William! It’s a perfect combination of beauty, muscles, tattoos, big cocks and undeniable sexual tension when these two tattooed hunks get together.

Dereck starts off by sucking William’s big cock, making it wet and ready for action. Dereck likes to get his ass stuffed and fucked real hard and that’s exactly what the masked William is going to give him.

It’s a wild ride of hard and deep penetration. The guys fuck on the bed and in the shower. You can hear flesh slapping against each other in a fast and steady rhythm. The guys then jerk off in the shower and Dereck eats all of William’s load.  Yet another hot and sticky video from Maskurbate!

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Cayden Ross and Riley Price flipflop

November 30, 2010 · Posted in Randy Blue, trial membership · 2 Comments 

In ‘MVP’ Cayden Ross plays closeted football player Lincoln, the Most Valuable Player of the Dodge City Satyrs, who gets pegged by fellow teammate Will, Riley Price.  With his dirty secret revealed he takes the opportunity to find out exactly how good his teammate’s mouth feels when wrapped against his monster cock.

Cayden is pretty skilled at working the pole as well and gets Riley so turned on that he can’t wait to ride Cayden’s beast.  And given the size of Cayden’s huge dick it’s obvious that Riley’s bottoming skills are pretty amazing.  But Riley doesn’t get to have all the fun.  Cayden gets his hole worked over by Riley so hard that his animalistic grunts and groans should have alerted not only the whole team but everyone in the stadium as well.

Cayden wraps it up by giving Riley’s hole one more workout before dumping his huge sticky load all over his smooth back. Yummy!

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Xander fucks Dominic

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This is what I like to call a wake and quake. I love watching two guys wake up and go right at it and when Dominic Brown and Xander Scott decided to do a video together I knew there was going to be some good fucking. These guys are both such an excellent combination of hot and horny that when they got together there was no stopping them.

Dominic gave Xander a wake up call he won’t soon forget. And I’m sure the bristles of his neatly trimmed beard made Xander’s balls tingle with excitement. And once Xander got a look at Dominic’s round bubble butt he just had to dig his face in. Of course he was just getting ready for the anal invasion that was to follow and from the sounds of Dominic’s breathy moans he was loving every second of it.

A little of this, a little of that and Dominic is lowering himself into Xander’s throbbing cock as he lays back and enjoys the ride. I think Dominic has been taking hints from Eric Pryor because he did such a great job of riding Xander’s cock while lowering himself onto it. And when these guys are ready to shoot their loads, they let the jizz fly.

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Gianni jerks off at Drake Cameron

February 7, 2010 · Posted in Drake Cameron · Comments Off on Gianni jerks off at Drake Cameron 

I saw Gianni playing soccer in the park one hot, sweaty afternoon and I knew immediately that I needed to get my hands on him. It was tricky because the group he was playing with looked to be traditional, Latino men and I didn’t think he would appreciate my hitting on him in front of them. So when he broke off to use the public restroom, I waited outside to greet him at the drinking fountain.

He was hesitant to talk to me, but after running around with all those men I could sense his sexual frustration. When I offered to shoot him, he said that he had to be at work in a little bit but would call me later. To be honest, I was surprised when I received his call late that night. When he came over he was tired, but ready to go!

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Tag-teaming Nicco Sky

January 3, 2010 · Posted in Randy Blue · Comments Off on Tag-teaming Nicco Sky 

When you get three heartthrobs like Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout together there’s no telling what will happen. I knew a few months ago when Nicco appeared on Randy Blue Live with Reese that they had an amazing chemistry. People were talking about that show for months, so I had to put them in a video together.

But since they did the show as a duo I wanted to throw something else into the mix. Enter Gunner Pierce. He’s been just starting to spread his wings here, and by wings I mean legs, and everything he does is so hot. He’s got an incredible body and that adorable face of his. You guys are going to love this video.

The image of Gunner eating Nicco’s ass while he sucks off Reese is one I won’t forget any time soon. And Reese couldn’t be happier, or sexier, than when he’s fucking Nicco’s hot ass while he goes down on Gunner. And you can tell that Nicco is enjoying being the piggy in the middle with these two incredibly hot guys giving it to him at the same time.

And I wish we had shot this in 3D because when Nicco shoots his load, with Gunner’s cock buried deep inside his ass I might add, he nearly hit my camera. Had it been in 3D you at home would either be ducking out of the way or sitting there with your mouth open hoping to catch some of the delicious virtual spunk flying towards your face.

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Super hot Antonio jerks off

December 14, 2009 · Posted in Badpuppy · Comments Off on Super hot Antonio jerks off 

Super HOT Latino stud Antonio takes it all off poolside, showing off his ripped body, bad boy tattoos and streamline mohawk. He whips his uncut monster cock out of his shorts and starts to jerk it long and hard, until he blows a thick wad across his trimmed 6-pack.

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