Latin hottie Jaime jerks his uncut cock

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How about some Latin loving with a touch or shoe/sock fetish to spice up a solo? Jaime is 24, and has done some online cam work before. All of it non-nude, so he is kind of used to “requests.” No I don’t know where he cams, and frankly the non-nude part doesn’t seem that appealing to me!

He has an amazing body with an uncut cock with boomerang action. His body fat is pretty low, and his feet are usually cold. So he started-off the shoot with only one request, to keep his socks on.

I One-Upped him by having him keep his sneakers on too. I know I tend to be oblivious to some of the fetish type stuff, so I was keen on incorporating some footwear fetish stuff. His shoes looked cute on him when he stepped off the airplane; all unlaces and ready to fall off. I thought it looked sexy for some reason.

Jaime also came with his own underwear. I have mentioned I keep some on hand, but he had a variety to choose from, and I have to say the purple pair in the solo really “go” with the room. Yes, I know. I am pretty gay. He likes girls Very much, but has that style and manner that makes me wonder. He was very picky about the porn I would play for him. Blonde, big tits, not too old, and of course, we had to find his favorite sex position- reverse cowgirl.

Jaime seems a little nervous during the solo for someone who has done cam work before, but clearly he enjoys showing off. I guess the highlight for the sock loving fans is after Jaime unloads, he takes his sock off and cleans up all his cum, including getting every bit out of his foreskin and piss hole. Might not be for everyone, but it is nice to get something a bit different for the big finale!

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Hot Mexican beats his uncut cock

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Tony at Latin Boyz

Meet Tony, a 21 year old guy who lives in Tijuana, Mexico. He is bisexual and loves to fuck guys. He has a 9.5 inch uncut cock, so the guys must line up to get fucked by this Mexican hottie. His biggest turn on is getting deep throated and he hates boring sex. He sure know how to give away a great show, as he beats his big fat uncut cock in this solo jerk off video.

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Graciano strokes his uncut cock

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Graciano jerks his uncut cock

Graciano came with his friend Carlos to Buenos Aires, where they both set about looking for jobs. In fact, I met Graciano at a bus stop where he was impatiently walking in little circles waiting for the bus to come and whisk him away to an interview. I gave him my number and told him that if they didn’t want him, we would! When he failed to land the job, Graciano gave us a call and before you knew it we were turning our cameras on this hot young stud!

For a slender guy, Graciano is very finely chiseled, with beautifully defined musculature, a nice dick and a very cute firm butt! He is bright-eyed, with a cat-like alertness to everything. In fact, if I had to liken him to an animal, it would be one of those irresistible alley cats you just want to bring home with you—but who may disappear as soon as they’re fed!. I think it would still be worth it, for a few hours alone with him!

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Uncut Aussie fucks a hungry Latino hole

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Fantastic Foreskin

James is a tall, blond Australian with a huge uncut cock. Christian is a 5’5″ Latino with a tight, hungry hole. Christian gets the ass-play he needs as James explores his hole with his finger, his tongue and with his big uncut cock.  The guys get started outdoors and pools side (where they drew a big audience as they were fucking) before shooting their creaming loads indoors.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!” Christian screams until he can’t hold back any more. Not to be outdone, James shows how they do it Down Under, letting loose with a projectile spray of his own jizz. Opposites not only attract, but they also fuck and lick up each other’s cum!

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A hot foreskin workout

May 17, 2011 · Posted in Fantastic Foreskin · 2 Comments 

Derek and Christian at Fantastic Foreskin

This is one for all you foreskin lovers! If you have a fetish for uncut cocks, this video with Derek Chambers and Christian Mohr will get your cock rock hard.  Derek is a 23 year old bi-sexual guy and Christian is a 25 year old gay guy. Both guys are blessed with a delicious 7 inch uncut cock. The great thing with this video is that you see the chemistry between the guys. They are really into each other.

The video starts off with the guys stripping,  playing with their cocks and stretching their foreskins. Then they kiss, suck, dock, jack, fleshjack and give each other a foreskin workout! These uncut guys get so hard and worked up! When Christian lets his milky load fly, Derek quickly lets loose with a powerful spray all over Christians chest!

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Stefano jerks his uncut cock

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This week we would like to introduce you to Stefano! Stefano is a hot young Latino with a lean swimmer’s build and not so lean uncut cock…he’s also got a hot hairy ass! Stefano enjoys swimming and running to stay in shape and as you can see he’s got a perfect body! He’s str8 but not shy to show off for our cameras and for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy getting to know every inch of Stefano’s 19 year old body in his first time showing off!

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Latin boy strokes his 8,5 inch cock

August 19, 2010 · Posted in Latin Boyz · Comments Off on Latin boy strokes his 8,5 inch cock 

One of our photographers noticed a hot guy with no shirt on leaving a gym the other day and just had to have a better look. When he got closer and made eye contact it was the cute guy who recognized our photographer… It was Ricky one of our models from a couple of years ago.

Ricky is a boxer as some of you may remember and is even hotter now. Our photographer asked if he wanted to do another shoot but Ricky declined because his lips were a little bruised and his nose was a little scratched up from sparring at the gym. Luckily our photographer prevailed and half an hour later they took these hot photos.

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Hot straight latino jerks off

May 5, 2010 · Posted in Miami Boyz · Comments Off on Hot straight latino jerks off 

Marcos is a hot 18 year old from Miami and as all 18 year olds he is horny as fuck! Well…when we asked him if he wanted to show off his toned Latino body on our site he was down for it when we told him a girl was going to do the photo shoot.

Ok so we lied about that… he is a straight boy after all, but once we got him to the studio we confessed but he was so horny that he decided to do it anyway!! Haha… sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Well it is worth trying since we get to show you what these young straight Latinos have hiding in those baggy jeans! Enjoy this boy and his pecs, bubble butt and of course that delicious cock.

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