AJ Monroe and Devin Adams flip flop

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AJ Monroe and Devin Adams

21 year old AJ Monroe is from Daytona Beach FL.  He is a model by profession and loves surfing.  23 year old Devin Adams is a Bartender from Ft Lauderdale. They hook up in a back room at the club where Devin works. AJ drops to his knees and begins devouring Devin’s big hard cock, so much so that he can’t help but gag!

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Well hung blacks fucking raw

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So how often is that that you find a short, sexy muscular nigga that is lost, not in New York, but Dallas, Tx. Good thing Kris Rockafella is from there and knows the area very well. Kris helps Rio back to his hotel and Rio offers him a drink. After drinking some of dat good shit, Rio feels that he needs to show his appreciation to Kris. Rio sucks Kris’ 11 inch dick and cant believe how big it is, but he clearly don’t give a fuck cause he keeps on sucking it.

Kris decides to return the favor and give Rio some head. Rio then takes it in the other room and you already know what dat mean, he finna smash that ass. Rio puts dat brick dick in Kris tight ass and breaks him off real good. Looks like Kris aint had it tapped in a while, but thas coo because Rio got some major plumbing to do. Kris plays with that big ass dick of his while Rio is fuckin the hell outta him, but shit he can concentrate on his dick cause he tryin to concentrate on the dick in his ass.

Kris then rides Rio and make him shoot a hot load of jizz all on his back and his ass. Kris enjoyed that shit so much he nutted all on Rios chest. Makes you wonder, maybe the next time u see a sexy ass nigga and he look lost yo ass betta help him find the way.

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Harley and Addison flip flop

June 10, 2008 · Posted in Sean Cody · 2 Comments 

Harley and Addison

Sean Cody

Harley and Addison fuck

Sean Cody preview

Sean Cody

For a brief instant it seemed like the stars aligned in my favor and I was able to arrange for all the guys to land at the airport in Colorado at the same time. When you pick up a bunch of straight guys in an SUV who know they’re going to be fucking each other’s brains out they immediately start trying to establish alpha dog status. It happens every darn time I do one of these trips — it’s hilarious to watch!

Addison was intent on being top dog while Harley was OK to be just whatever. Fortunately that mix resulted in a playful joking between the two of them that, to an outside observer, might seem like flirting. So I knew that putting them together would produce a good film, but even I had no idea it would turn out like it did.

Originally I had planned for Addison to bottom, but then they got into this whole thing about who could fuck the best. To make a long story short, there was so much energy between these two guys it just had to be a flip flop fest. It was almost like they were in a contest to see who could rail the other one harder!

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