Fucked for the first time

July 29, 2009 · Posted in College Dudes 24/7 · 1 Comment 

After Sebastian Spiers showed such a talent with a dildo, he was eager to get going with a real cock. He and his friend Alex showed up one morning and we filmed the scene on the spot. After Alex preps Sebastian’s hole with a few fingers and a toy, Sebastian is ready to get plowed. We loved hearing Sebastian moan as his buddy drove his rock hard cock deep inside his ass. Sebastian could barely control himself!

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Conner and Jack: first time

April 7, 2009 · Posted in College Dudes 24/7 · Comments Off on Conner and Jack: first time 

Jack Griffin takes it up his virgin hole from big-dicked College Dude Connor Dane! It is great to have Connor and his tool back, and we really put him to work cracking open Jacks asshole.

Jack proved to be a great bottom – riding Connor like a pro and really let Connor give it to him! We love filming guys doing something for the first time – really hot stuff from a first time top and a first time bottom. You shouldnt miss this sexy fuck!

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Jim fucks Greg at Sean Cody

January 18, 2009 · Posted in Sean Cody · Comments Off on Jim fucks Greg at Sean Cody 

Whenever a guy gets fucked for the first time, the question he inevitably asks is: “How big is the other guy?” I guess they always have this image in their heads of a giant-horse dick that’s going rip them up!

Greg hadn’t met Jim yet and as we were getting ready I was waiting for the question. “So how big is he?” Greg asked. “He’s not huge,” I told him. “But his cock has a wicked curve to it. It should feel nice.” I smiled. “Oh,” he said. “OK.” I don’t think he understood that Jim’s dick was probably going to be massaging the hell out his prostate, but that’s OK.

So he met Jim and they seemed to click. Jim’s a little bit older than Greg and I think a little more experienced as well. I love Greg’s butt and how hairy his ass crack is. It was fun watching it get fucked!

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