Joey Hard blows Cody Cummings’ big hard cock

August 27, 2012 · Posted in Cody Cummings, trial membership, You Love Jack · Comments Off on Joey Hard blows Cody Cummings’ big hard cock 

Cody Cummings and Joey Hard Around the shoot house, Cody Cummings is known to often keep to himself. He does, however, keep a tight-knit circle of trusted companions. Among these individuals is the sexy, boyishly handsome Joey Hard. Cody enjoys Joey’s fun-loving zest for life. When Cody and Joey are hanging out, there’s seldom a dull moment.

These two are definitely good pals. And if you’re familiar with Cody’s style, you know scenes come out especially tight and particularly hot when he’s working with someone he knows well and trusts. This time, Cody’s sharing a couch with Joey as they both stretch out on the couch to enjoy an adult DVD together. When Cody pulls out his cock, Joey quickly follows suit, pulling out his own juicy piece.

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