Tagteaming Damon’s ass

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Three is the magic number on CircleJerkBoys.com this week as blonde stunner Bobby Rail and sexy and ripped Jake Taylor give Damon’s holes their rock hard poles until all three of them end in a cum slicked hot pile up of happy, spent studs! Bobby and Damon begin to make out as Jake sits nearby and watches.

Bobby bones up in seconds once Damon’s tongue works its magic. Jake can’t sit by anymore and undoes his jeans to get at his aching cock. He stands near Bobby, who starts to grope at his cock. Jake strips and hauls out his thick cock where Bobby can get a mouthful. Bobby’s lying back on the couch with Jake’s dick in his mouth and his dick in Damon’s. Daisy Chain!

Damon and Jake then begin to make out, kneeling on the floor as Bobby begins to explore Damon’s outrageous ass. Jake then stands up alongside Bobby as both feed Damon their cocks. Jake’s balls slap away at his ass as he gets his deep one. Damon is taking dick like a champ, and his holes are being put to very good use. Bobby then wants more of that ass he got first dibs on, as he has Damon sit on his dick.

Damon rides Bobby’s cock as his hot ass continues milking that thick dick. Jake kisses and gropes Damon as he grinds that ass into Bobby’s meat. “Cum with my dick in your ass”, Jake orders, as he fucks him harder. Damon blows his nut all over his smooth abs. Bobby is next as he sits back and jacks his thick load all over himself. Jake is last, but certainly not least, pumping out quite the impressive load that pools on Damon’s chest.

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