Teo, serviced at Chaosmen

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For Teo’s Servicing, he was not nervous in the slightest. Ironically would only get quiet when he would get too close. There is a good out take at the end of this with his reaction 1-2 minutes into the video. On top of that, I just love it when he talks, he is such a “dude.”

Uncut guys are tougher for me to blow. Their heads are usually more sensitive so my man handling and squeezing a guy’s head just doesn’t work. Usually I just try to duplicate the foreskin slide motion they tend to do when they jack off. I tickle him a couple times for sure.

Teo services

He smiles while getting his ass eaten, mainly cuz my whiskers tickle him, but as soon as I got him used to the sensation, he was locking his legs practically behind his head. A position perfect for fucking him in (still workin on it!)

Anyway, this one turned out great and is a solid part of the collection. His body language is great as he lures me in to suck his cock, is not at all to afraid to touch me, and I dont think he looked once a the porn we had playing. The hand lock at the end is brief but significant.

Serviced at Chaosmen

I am all about “Themes and Rituals” on this site. I develop the formula and I rarely move away from it. It frustrates some members who write me and say “You always ask the same questions, say the same thing, etc.” I am conscious of this and it will be apparent when you watch all these videos viewed at once.

So please, forgive me my rituals. I want the Themed videos to all have a certain rhythm, so that they are all completely recognizable on their own, or as a giant cock sucking compilation en masse!

If the preview video got you in the mood, you gotta check out the full length movie over at Chaosmen.


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