Mick Roberts strokes his big uncut cock

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Mick Roberts

Mick Roberts is back for a second video and this time our favorite horse-hung Italian guy is letting it all hang out. And it’s enormous!

His thick uncut cock is dripping with precum as he pulls it out of his underwear and shows it off for the camera. He takes his time playing with is massive meat before he pulls up his legs and slides two fingers deep inside his bright pink asshole as he covers his t-shirt with a delicious load of stringy white cum. Of course, he reaches down and eats up that load.

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Eryk Eastman gets dirty at Dirty Tony

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Eryk Eastman gets dirty

Eryk Eastman makes it a point to take exquisite care of his body. He proves he can also take very good care of mine! Eryk heats up my casting couch by taking my dick into his mouth mere moments after I’ve measured his. Eryk claims he wants to become more skilled at cocksucking, as he deepthroats my massive schlong. And it’s all I can do to shake him loose without losing my load too soon.

With my pre-cum dangling from his hungering smirk, I splay him over the sofa to display his perfectly ripe ass. I dip into his peach pit for a fingerful of action as I yank on his throbbing rod. I smack my firmed chubsteak against his asslips creating a shudder of goosebumps across his skin.

I push Eryk to the floor on his knees, and he goes after my manmeat again without hesitation. This time he grabs hold with both hands, twisting and pumping, and slurping my engorged head. He sucks intently, gagging as he deep-throats, moaning while he begs the cumload from my shooting cock.

His tongue wags, gobbling up each drop of my jizz. Stretching out on the sofa with my finger in his ass, and my hand firmly planted around his cockbase, Eryk yanks his own creamcicle to a smooth shooting send-off. His torso gooey with glaze, and glassy-eyed, Eryk admits to being a little warn out.

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Sucking off Ashton Clarke

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Sucking off Ashton Clarke's uncut cock

Upon meeting Ashton Clarke, 19, we knew immediately he was going to be perfect for SUCKoffGUYS.com. Ashton has a gorgeous face and nice lean/fit body and a big uncut cock. This is Ashton’s first time appearing anywhere on video and we’re pleased to feature him here just for you! Aaron French begins his mouth magic and in no time, Ashton is rock hard and really enjoying his oral servicing.

Ashton takes his cock and rubs his pre-cum on Aaron’s lips. Ashton then begins to pump Aaron’s face; He really liked making Aaron gag & slobber on his pole. The more Aaron let Ashton have his way with his mouth and throat, the more Ashton kept bringing the hard thrusts. Ashton kept pumping Aaron’s mouth until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Aaron sucks Ashton’s cock until it blows.

Ashton’s fresh young spunk flies onto Aaron’s mouth and face. Aaron continues to suck and deep throat after Ashton shot his wad. Ashton keeps pumping Aaron’s mouth trying to get every last bit of cum down his throat. It worked, Ashton was totally drained and Aaron was full of cum. Ashton was really, really happy after this shoot and said he can’t wait for more!

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Oliver eats Ransom’s load

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Oliver eats Ransom's load at Chaosmen

I knew from the beginning that Oliver was not going to be a typical Serviced video. Even though he is married, he is clearly “orally-fixated.” For his solo, he wanted to watch guys sucking each other, and unloading in each others’ mouths. Hot!  Oliver is fairly passive, so I didn’t think he would respond to laying there and simply getting his cock sucked.  I figured he would get charged up by having a cock in his mouth to begin with.

And like a married man starved for a cock down his throat, he went for it! I could tell right away Ransom was pleased that this Serviced video was gonna be one all about him. No nervous first-timer that he had to be careful about pushing the wrong limit button. Oliver eagerly sucks Ransom’s cock to the point that tears run down his face.

By this time Oliver’s dick was up are ready for some attention, and knowing Oliver wanted a cock in his mouth, they go right to 69ing it. Eventually Ransom fingers his hole, then takes some vibrating toys to his ass. His dick gets even harder. He finally shoves a vibrating butt plug in there and lets Oliver have full access to his cock while Oliver jerks off.

He nuts a huge load, and I swear, I had to scramble fast to get Ransom’s cum shot. It turned him on so much seeing Oliver lay there with the toy in his ass while getting sucked off, he was holding off on cumming the entire time. I should have it as an outtake but it’s basically Ransom saying he is gonna nut and I am saying. “Wait! Wait!” as I try to get a focused close-up shot of him unloading into Oliver’s mouth.   As it is, my close-up shot swings in to place just as Ransom is literally pinching off his nut shot.

Oliver said he wanted to eat all the cum before the shoot, and I told him he needed to showcase some of it before he swallowed it. The kid literally gargles in it! It’s kind of funny. I don’t get too many guys willing to eat loads, so Oliver, you’re hired! My guess is you would make a hungry bottom as well!

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Uncut Aussie fucks a hungry Latino hole

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Fantastic Foreskin

James is a tall, blond Australian with a huge uncut cock. Christian is a 5’5″ Latino with a tight, hungry hole. Christian gets the ass-play he needs as James explores his hole with his finger, his tongue and with his big uncut cock.  The guys get started outdoors and pools side (where they drew a big audience as they were fucking) before shooting their creaming loads indoors.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me harder!” Christian screams until he can’t hold back any more. Not to be outdone, James shows how they do it Down Under, letting loose with a projectile spray of his own jizz. Opposites not only attract, but they also fuck and lick up each other’s cum!

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Eating Beau’s cum!

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Eating Beau's load at New York Straight Men

Beau is a straight and demanding New Yorker. He used to have a regular tranny cocksucker, but since she moved to Florida, Beau is in need for a good cock treat.  Beau has a slightly hairy and lean body and a 7.5 inch cock. Trey, the resident New York Straight Men cocksucker was happy satisfy Beau’s needs and he was quick to help this straight man out of his pants.

Beau is a tough guy and want things done his way. He makes clear how he wants it and Trey has to obey. Trey does a great job servicing Beau like he requested, including ball licking and swallowing his load. This is one great blowjob video!

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Carter Nash and Jerry Ford in a hot Oral Scene (A Kiss with Jizz)

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Two of our longtime favorite dudes are at it together for the first time in a hot oral vid. We had been looking forward to getting Carter Nash and Jerry Ford together – they both can be aggressive and sensual in every way, and we expected some fireworks to fly. Carter starts off by going down on Jerrys thick uncut cock, deep-throating, gagging, and having a lot of fun playing with a hot dick.

Jerry returns the favor and tries to find out how Carters cock feels jammed down the back of his throat – Carter fish-hooks Jerry right before Jerry flips Carter over to get a taste of his asshole. Each of these studs rim each other before Jerry takes another turn abusing Carters mouth – face-fucking him and getting very worked up.

When Jerry cannot take it anymore he unloads right into Carters mouth, which gets Carter even more hot and bothered. Carter shoots onto Jerry all over his head, face, and tongue, before these two college studs end with a cum-dripping kiss.

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Xander and cum slut Josh

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This Florida guest house attracts some well hung and hot visitors. Once Josh gets started, the cock sucking can’t stop. After being sprayed down with hot cum on a sunny day, the only way Josh can truly unwind is by a cool dip in the pool. Be prepared for some hot blowjobs and dirty cum eating.

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