Angry Coach fucks a Football Player

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Angry coach fucks a player

Football coach Trevor Knight calls Jeydon to talk about his disappointing performance in the team. When Jeydon keeps hanging up the phone, Trevor looses his mind and drives over to Jeydon’s house to teach the annoying kid a lesson. He breaks into the house using a knife. Jeydon is surprised to see his coach and starts yelling at him. The coach grabs the kid by the neck and starts yelling back at him.

The coach pulls out his cock and orders Jeydon to suck it. When Trevor is done fucking his mouth, Jeydon tries to escape, but the coach is quick the grab the boy’s legs and pulls him back in position… bottom position that is. The coach forces his rock hard dick inside Jeydon’s tight asshole and starts to ride him hard and rough. After fucking the boy in multiple positions, he leaves the kid with a sloppy ass and covered in cum.

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