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Kyle Reed fucks Ricky Jackson at BulldogPit

May 19, 2011 · Posted in Bull Dog Pit · Comments Off on Kyle Reed fucks Ricky Jackson at BulldogPit 

UK boys fucking at BullDog Pit

Tall smooth and stunning, skinhead Ricky Jackson gets to grips with Kyle; where they want to lick and suck every part of each other!! Ricky takes the passive role and gets his hole stretched open by a huge cock!! Obviously loving it by the moans and groans, and plenty of positions, it’s not long before Ricky’s shooting his huge load everywhere!!

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Tony Parker pounds Kyle’s hole

April 21, 2011 · Posted in Bull Dog Pit, trial membership · Comments Off on Tony Parker pounds Kyle’s hole 

Cum drenched chavs and tight butt holes being pounded!! Tony and Kyle get down and dirty with one another. Soon stripping off and tasting each other from the cock to the butt, getting it all wet, ready for Tony’s delicious cock to be thrust all the way inside his mates ass. These guys can’t get enough and work each other up until they shoot their loads. Tony’s giving a great cumshot, leaking huge amounts of jizz all over Kyle.

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