Fernando fucks Jay’s tight hole

January 24, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys 

Both guys pulled their dicks out of their underwear as they watched the porn, and Jay was able to get hard in less than a minute. When he was comfortable he dropped his underwear to the floor, leaving me to ask Fernando to go for his. I asked Jay if he wouldn’t mind helping Fernando out, so he leaned right over and started sucking on the cock.

The oral made Fernando’s mouth drop open from the rush he was feeling. Even though it was happening slowly, Fernando was getting hard, and his cock was getting thicker in size. Jay used a combination of mouth and hand. He paused and sat up as he was jerking Fernando off, and that’s when Fernando took the opportunity to return the favor. He put Jay’s cock in his mouth and started to give head. Jay put his hand on the back of Fernando’s head to use his mouth as his own personal toy. Both guys seemed to be getting horny as their cocks were getting hard from the blow jobs.

I asked the guys to stand up and get ready to start the fucking, but first they had to open up the futon. When I asked Jay what position he preferred to start out in, he said that he likes to be on his back.

Bending down in front of the camera he put his ass on display for the camera to see, and I talked him in to trying doggy-style to start so that way he could finish on his back if was open to trying it. Being that the last time Jay got fucked was here in the studio he grabbed a pillow and put it under his stomach so that he could kind of hug it. As Fernando’s cock pushed its way into Jay’s hole, he squeezed the pillow more and more.

Fernando went very slowly with his motion so that he didn’t freak Jay out and cause him any huge discomfort. Jay kept telling him to go slow, and Fernando said that he was enjoying the fucking when I asked. After a few minutes I asked Jay if Fernando could go any faster, and Jay said no that he was still getting used to the feeling.

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