Blake, Cody & Derrek

February 9, 2008 · Posted in Previews, Randy Blue 

Randy Blue Trio

The idea to put Derrek Diamond, Cody Fallon and Blake Riley together came to me one day when I was chatting with Derrek. We were talking about the Halloween movie we did last year, A Taste of Blue, and he jokingly said that he didn’t like it because he didn’t get to have sex with Blake and Cody. So strapping on my fairy godmother wings I made some calls and Derrek got his wish. We even joked about calling this, “A Taste of Blue: The Morning After”.

Randy Blue Trio

They all had such a great time and were so into each other that this video pretty much shot itself. We were plagued with technical difficulties, but the energy was running so high that day and the action is so amazingly orgasm inducing, that left all the little glitches in. Even their little “wardrobe malfunction” stayed because I thought it added to the uninhibited fun of the afternoon.

After it was all said and done, this video reminds me of a bunch of fuck buddies getting together and leaving a video camera on to capture the action. Everyone gets to suck some cock, all three take turns being the bottom and the top, and the most amazing thing is that they all cum within seconds of each other.

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