Theo Brady gets fucked by hung top Pierce Paris

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Pierce Paris fucks Theo Brady

On this episode of The Price Is Tight, can Pierce Paris and Theo Brady’s relationship stand the test of Johnny B? It all comes down to the final tie-breaking challenge to see who can shoot his load the farthest… when Johnny B is caught with a syringe of fake cum and disqualified!

But his win by default isn’t satisfying enough for Theo, so Pierce challenges him to try the game, just the two of them. Pierce fucks Theo doggy-style and Theo sucks his man’s cock before riding him on the floor.

Pierce Paris pounds that twink in piledriver position and puts him up against the wall to take him from behind, then lifts the bottom as he fucks him in a stand-and-carry! Theo Brady bends over the jizz battlefield to take his man’s cock some more, then both guys cum simultaneously to see who will be the winner!

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