John Magnum slams Kirk Cummings’ ass

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John Magnum fucks Kirk Cummings

Although I love the gay porn parody action, this scene from the Drill My Hole site is all about the muscle cock action rather than the whole Basic Instinct thing for me. The dudes fucking in this video are so horny and into the ass, you could have any story going on in the background to it and it wouldn’t really be important at all to guys jerking off to it like me! lol

John Magnum is the aggressive top interrogating horny jock Kirk Cummings in this Basic Instinct rip, and he has all the tools required for the job. Most notably, he has a long and thick muscle cock that he can gag the guy with as he forces it into that wet mouth!

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John Magnum and Kirk Cummings

December 18, 2011 · Posted in 1 dollar trials,, Str8 To Gay · Comments Off on John Magnum and Kirk Cummings 

John Magnum fucks Kirk Cummings

Kirk Cummings is really horny. Stuck at home while his dad is out, Kirk really doesn’t have much planned other than to watch some porn when much to his surprise John Magnum shows up. John isn’t looking for Kirk, he’s looking for Kirk’s dad who seems to have forgotten that they have an important meeting today.

Kirk reassures John that his dad should be back in a couple of hours and suggests that John should play with him in the meantime. John initially considers Kirk’s request inappropriate, but then Kirk shows John his smooth hair-less ass and tells John that he can eat it just like he would eat a pussy!

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