Brady gets a helping hand

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Brady is sort of a newbie. He actually tried his hand in porn with a solo shoot a few years ago on another site, but his military job got in the way and he fell off the radar. Recently, Brady got in touch saying that he was ready for another go.

Since his debut 3 years ago, Brady has been hitting the gym and started growing some sexy body hair as he’s developed into his early 20’s.

At 6′ 3″ and 225lbs, he certainly turns heads when he walks into a room. His broad shoulders might be one reason for that; for me, it’s his ass. It looks amazing even with his board shorts on. (And even better with them off!)

When Brady’s shorts dropped and he pulled out an equally head-turning cock, it got a little difficult to concentrate on keeping the cameras running. I couldn’t resist pulling out the measuring tape to check his size. Without much of a flinch, Brady’s hands moved away, leaving me in control.

Before I knew it, Brady was gripping the chair and gasping as he shot out a thick load that dripped down my hand.

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