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June 28, 2011 · Posted in Sean Cody 

Sean Cody gay porn

I wish there were monitors that could show these guys off in full scale. I say this so that the size of Jarek and Calvin can be fully appreciated. Calvin is 6’2″. Jarek is 6’5″. Having these two big hot naked guys, dicks flopping and ready to fuck each other is sometimes just too much to handle. They were ready for each other the instant they met.

They were slapping each other’s asses, tweaking on nipples and talking about watching their films on the site. “Do you ever watch your own films?” I asked Calvin. “Um. Yeah, I watched one… it was me though. You ever hear of those people that watch themselves? It’s weird. I can’t do that.”

Well, I have to say that it’s not weird when you can take a dick as good as Calvin can. He bent over to show his hairy hole and Jarek jumped right in there — rimming it first, then teasing it with his uncut cock before finally letting him have it. Jarek pumped into Calvin with long steady strokes and then pounded into him as deep as he could. Calvin even grabbed onto his own ass and spread it open to take it in even deeper.

After that there was no stopping them. Jarek was making the headboard slam with every thrust. And Calvin was loving every minute of it. He did not want that dick out of him! He even managed to rotate on Jarek’s cock as he rode it without letting it pop out!

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