Preston, Ashton and Leon

November 2, 2010 · Posted in 1 dollar trials, Broke Straight Boys 

Preston, Ashton and Leon are here at the Broke Straight Boys studio to do an anal scene. Preston is bi-sexual, Ashton is ‘gay for pay’ and Leon is somewhat flexible but prefers women. When I asked who was doing what, Leon said he was going to top while both Ashton and Preston would flip flop. As Leon was only going to top, he would get $1000 with Ashton and Preston making $1500 each.

I told the boys that I wanted to see some kissing but none of them were too enthusiastic about it, Leon saying that kissing was something he saved for relationships. All three boys stood up and stripped off for the camera, turning around and shaking their asses. They all wanted some porn playing to get them in the mood, Ashton having brought his netbook along with his private porn on it.

Soon enough, Leon leaned over and took Preston’s cock in his mouth, Ashton watching for a moment before joining in, both Leon and Ashton licking the hard shaft, alternately sucking on the head and balls. Leon moved into the middle seat on the futon, Ashton and Preston on either side of him, Preston going to town on Leon’s cock while Ashton watched, impressed at how good Preston was.

Ashton jumped in, sucking on Leon’s dick as Preston licked Leon’s balls, all the while, Leon just sat back and enjoyed it. Then it was Ashton’s turn to get a mouth on his dick, Leon swallowing it down as Preston watched and jerked off before taking over for Leon. Preston treated Ashton’s cock like his favourite candy, sucking on his balls while Leon took over sucking Ashton’s dick.

Ashton proved to be very sensitive right on the tip of his cock head, jerking as Leon did his special trick while giving head, Ashton squirming and jumping each time he did the trick. They opened out the futon and lay down in a circle; Leon sucking on Preston while Preston swallowed down Ashton whom was blowing Leon. Continue…

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